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Age Fiercely: Total Face Yoga & Beyond with Sadie Nardini

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Are you over 40 or younger, but want to Age Fiercely?

I’ll help you get more fit & fabulous – body and face – in way less time, naturally…and at any age! I’m 50!

Your Lead Instructor is Sadie Nardini,
Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Exercise Physiology-Certified through Harvard and Stanford Universities, and Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with a rare bundle deal until Sunday at midnight so jump on this, you rockstar!


Women who are getting older are often frustrated and demoralized by their aging bodies, face & neck. It’s a hard hit to take to see these changes happening, and to feel like there’s nothing that can be done about it without invasive, expensive medical procedures and long, joint-brutal workouts – that may or may not even work!

But there absolutely is a natural, simple, and faster way to be strong, and look amazing as you age.

Grab this course bundle now and you’ll get:

THE AGE FIERCELY FABULOUS FACE COURSE – Tone, Lift, & Tighten Facial, Neck and Chest Skin In Minutes A Day!

My course brings in the power of holistic movement as medicine to help women age more fiercely with facial exercises (we work the body – why not the muscles in the face?), targeted face massage and lymph drainage techniques to increase fresh, healthy skin, de-bloat, and tone, tighten, and lift the whole face & neck, naturally – and inexpensively!


  • 10 Single Spot Solutions Micro Sessions: Spot target and improve your challenging chest, neck and facial areas when you need them most: Jaw sharpener, Cheek Lifter, Marionette Line Softener, Neck Toner, and more! ($1000 value)
  • 9 Holistic Total Face Refresh Sessions: Rejuvenate your whole check, neck, and facial muscles and skin in one short session: Morning Glow Up, De-Bloating Lymph Massage, Yoga Shred Face Lifter, and more! (Saves you plastic surgery! $2000 value)
  • A Beauty Product Demystifier checklist: Learn which exact natural products I recommend (most of them you have in your kitchen or health food store) that actually work to support resilient skin – without breaking your bank account! (This will save you hundreds of dollars)

Total Value of the Age Fiercely Course: Saves you at least $5000 on anti-aging products!

BONUS: The Age Fiercely Monthly Blueprint: A calendar listing which exercises and massages on which days for the best overall results! (calendar)

BONUS: The Age Fiercely Diet Booster: 10 natural foods to add to your diet that are crucial for maintaining glowing, resilient skin and to build back collagen. (e-book)

THE FIT, FIERCE – AND 50 WORKOUTS – Joint-Safer, Short, And Super Effective HIIT + Cardio Yoga Workouts For Lean Muscle Sculpting, Energy, Confidence & Empowerment – For Those Over 40!


  • A yoga, cardio, strength & stretch program designed specifically to tone and transform people over 40.
  • 10 fully guided HIIT and Yoga workout sessions.
  • These are strong – but joint-safer!
  • All under 20 minutes and they are all you need in a day!
  • Total value of this course: $1000 savings on tons of unnecessary equipment, fitness memberships, programs, and studio classes.

What People Are Saying About these courses


In just one week of doing Sadie’s easy face workout and massages, my skin is glowing, lifted, and my underjaw sag is actually going away! Unbelievable!!”
~ Jane ~


” I do Sadie’s face yoga daily. The difference in my life is amazing!” 
~ Ruth ~


“In just one month my whole body, mind and lifestyle improved so much in terms of strength and confidence and flexibility…I call it a true miracle and I keep telling everybody about it!! Thank you, thank you!!!!”
~ Ann ~


“I can’t believe this, but I’m so sad that I have to rest today. Sadie, you’re making it harder to NOT work out than to work out!”
~ Michele ~


“This is some mind-blowing, revolutionary sh*t” ~Tasha


“Your amazing classes prove again and again to me that they make me leaner, stronger – and I have less pain in my back and shoulders when doing it!”
~ Kirsten ~

Grab this bundle deal right now and you’ll unlock how easy it can be to heal and improve your face and body health, lift, tone, strength and glow – for a lifetime!

See you there! Let’s age fiercely together!

Meet your teacher:

Your guide for this journey is: Sadie Nardini, Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, The Yoga Shred, and The Anatomy Of Movement. She is one of the world’s top online wellness course creators, as well as an anatomy expert who knows how to get you moving and feeling good in your body again -safely!

Sadie Course

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