MYO-YIN 40hr Teacher Training 

Join master trainer Anya Hawkes for a fantastic three day in-person or live-streamed teacher training in Yin & Myofascial Release.  This unique training dives into the anatomy of fascia, the myofascial muscle meridians and how we can teach anatomy-smarter Yin classes. Here you'll learn how to create some truly transformational experiences that your students will love.

Goddess Powers: Advanced Creative Sequencing Yoga Somatics® Teacher Training

Online (Zoom Event) Zoom Event

Join Master Teacher Alyson Wish and transform your sequencing forever with her signature Movement Meditation Method®. Summon your Goddess Powers with Advanced Creative Sequencing Somatic Teacher Tools and CSV Yoga® masterclasses that invoke Rockstar deities: Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, and Kali. By the end of the training, you have four new goddess-based Movement Meditation Sequences to WOW your students with. The training is partly online self-study (15hrs) and 5-hours/1X per week “live” zoom mentorship. Receive invaluable guidance from Alyson!


Yin Chakra Melt (Workshop)

Balance Cape May 600 Park Blvd, Cape May, NJ

Enjoy a relaxing 2- hour Yin deep release workshop with essential oils and aromatherapy to clear and calm your Chakras for deeper relaxation. Melt away fear, anxiety, ego, and inner critic through a journey into The Chakras the energy pathways of the body.

Replenish, revive, Balance, and restore during this deeply calming, mind-body experience.

Yin yoga is a gentle practice of longer held, deeply relaxing poses that slowly release muscle strain and connective tissues while decompressing the joints. The poses will cleanse and calm each chakra while improving mobility to joints as you quietly activate and gather prana


Yoga & Menopause – Glow & Flow Workshop

Balance Cape May 600 Park Blvd, Cape May, NJ

Are you tired and don’t know why?
Finding it hard to focus?
Riding the waves of extreme emotions?
Working out at high intensity and frequency but seeing no results?
You are not alone! No need to suffer & struggle in silence.

Join Karin to understand how to tame the shifts & changes you are experiencing, nurture & heal your body, and begin to gather tools to find balance again. Experience the best Yoga Practice tailored for finding balance during Menopause


The Anatomy Of Yoga Flow Workshop

Balance Cape May 600 Park Blvd, Cape May, NJ


A fun, creative flow to help you get twice the benefits out of every yoga pose you do….forever! Discover the 4-Step Method to erase the common misalignments and mistakes that many students make unconsciously, and many teachers teach! Get to this session, and your yoga practice will support–not sabotage you for a lifetime.


Intro to Yoga Shred

Balance Cape May 600 Park Blvd, Cape May, NJ

Learn how integrating High Intensity Interval Training into your Yoga Practice can transform your body – boosting your metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout, building more strength, endurance, and flexibility in less time.



May 6th 2022 to Dec 15th 2023  Next module starting May 6th! Join Master Trainer Anya Hawkes for her Evolution 300hr Teacher Training & Mentorship Programme.  Most modules are live-streamed 3hr per week with in-person weekend/week immersions optional.  Build your own training choosing from modules such as Advanced CSV, 7 Core Cues, Sequencing, Therapeutics, Women's Health, Yin & Myofascial Release and so much more.  […]

Rock N Roll Your Psoas 5-Day Challenge

Online (Zoom Event) Zoom Event

Feeling creaky and cranky? It's time for a SPRING Tune-Up with Alyson Wish! Is your core a little tired, weak, or underused?? Get a deep core tune up after the cold winter months. Reflex Reps: Somatic Mobility Drills Restore Your Core in 10 mins a day. Investment: $9.99 (Value $25)   WHAT YOU GET 60 mins of instructional videos. One 10 […]



Balance Cape May 600 Park Blvd, Cape May, NJ

Are you a RYT 200 h yoga teacher wanting to get certified to teach Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®? If so –  this is the training for you! Take a deeper dive into the four foundations, our signature alignment principles, cues and language. 

Fully understand the transitions: How we enter and exit each pose and the organic flow in between. Discover how Deep Core Line activation helps you rise from your foundation into your unique expression, feeling stronger than ever before! 

Experience the space, lightness and freedom that can only appear when you unlock the body’s natural alignment for support and strength through the foundational principles of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga.


Online (Zoom Event) Zoom Event

Burning to take a teacher training in our incredible style of yoga but travel or fees have always held you back? This ROCKSTAR CSV Teacher training with Master Trainer Anya Hawkes is offered live-streamed with a sliding-scale fee structure to meet all affordabilities. Join the Global CSV Yoga Tribe of intelligent, empowering yoga teachers, gifting the world with Sadie Nardini's anatomy-smarter style of yoga.

Judy’s Gypsea Adventure to Greece

Join Master Teacher Judy Heany and sail through the Aegean Sea and visit remote islands where tourists are few and tranquil beaches, spectacular view and fabulous food are abundant. This perfectly balanced all-inclusive journey will allow you to disconnect from the world, be one with the sea and immerse into the beautiful Greek culture.   7 night/8 day adventure throughout […]


The Yoga Shala Worcestershire

Join the CSV Yoga Tribe of intelligent, empowering yoga teachers, gifting the world with Sadie Nardini's anatomy-smarter style of yoga. Master trainer Anya Hawkes will take you on a life-changing journey, empowering you with NEXT-LEVEL info and confidence to set you apart from other yoga teachers from the get go. This unique, in-person training will take a maximum of 12 students for a special experience for all.

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