Yoga Shred® Teacher Training FAQ

Yes, and yes! Firstly, Yoga Shred® and HIIT Fusion® are Sadie’s trademarked style, so anyone who would like to teach it or similar in their classes should get this training and have the founder’s approval to do so. In addition, there are nearly 50 different Shreds, most of which you have not seen, even if you’re a longtime HIIT trainer. It’s so worth it to have these fresh moves to inspire you and your students! Plus the anatomy and modifications, tons of yoga warmups and cool-downs, and more…

When you purchase the course, you have access to it anytime you want. This course is Self-paced. We suggest reading the Training Manual first, then the Anatomy & Modifications Tutorials, then watching, learning and applying any yoga or Shred sequences you are most interested in for your own classes.

There is no exam, but we expect that in order to use the Certificate of Completion and list yourself as a Yoga Shred™-Inspired teacher in your classes and bio, that you have watched and understood (and hopefully practiced them yourself) each video in this course.

This course has over 80 separate videos totaling over 7 hours of learning material. You can watch at your own pace, and apply anything you want over time. But from the very first day of the course, you could start applying a Yoga Shred™ or two into your existing classes! Have fun!

The Certificate of Completion for this course allows you to add that you are Yoga Shred™-Trained and Yoga-Shred™-Inspired to your bio and class/workshop descriptions. The course itself gives you a wealth of information to begin teaching Yoga Shred™ sequences in your existing classes! If you want to move to the final step of full Certification, this course is a prerequisite. To become a Yoga Shred™-Certified Trainer, you must either attend an in-person 4-Day Immersion with Sadie and her trainers, or Livestream into the sessions online from home. For more details on the next live/online Certification, CLICK HERE! BUT, whether you full-certify or not, this course right here will get you teaching, growing your classes, and gaining abundance, starting right now!

If you are unfamiliar with the Yoga Shred™ and want to orient yourself to the method, Sadie posts free–and very popular– 25-Minute Sample workouts on her Facebook page. Head to to see the latest ones!