Welcome to a master class that I created to bring you more abundance as an instructor. * Note that this information is geared towards yoga teachers but is also highly affective for any other mindful movement teacher.

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Yoga Shred Yoga + HIIT

What people are saying?

“Sadie Nardini is one of the very few vinyasa yoga teachers whose work I unreservedly recommend!”

-Leslie Kaminoffbestselling author of “Yoga Anatomy

Hear it from the students:

“I was struggling to draw students to my classes. I couldn’t get the studio to give me more spots on the schedule. Well…my class size tripled after teaching one Yoga Shred® class. Now the studio is asking me to put three more classes on the schedule! Yesss!!”

– Jane


“My Yoga Shred® classes are one of the most popular classes at the gym where I teach! And you’ve created such a clear training. It was so easy to learn, and now I’m reaping the benefits. Thank you!”

– Amy


“Loving the Yoga Shred® TT course! Well-structured, Sadie, and so many sequencing possibilities… this is a great variety to my own practice and to offer my students.”

– Tanya

Hear it from the teachers:

“I’m a runner and have incorporated these shreds in to my workouts and have seen more results than any amount of running, ever!”

– Kristi


“I would just like to say, your Yoga Shred® has changed my body. I was stuck at at plateau after I worked 60 pounds off of my body..in three months I am now 17 pounds from losing 100. Science and determination rock!”

– Julie


“I love the Yoga Shreds!!. Honestly I think they are the best, most effective, complete and efficient targeted workouts I’ve ever done! And I’ve done ‘em all. Thank you Sadie!

– Annie