21 Day Core Strength Transformer Yoga


Here in this course you’ll get 11 Core Strength Transformer Yoga Flow Classes—creative, exciting, body re-shaping and stress-busting yoga sequences, AND 10 Core Strength Restoring Rituals —meditations, mantras and earth-based ceremonies you haven’t done before to strengthen you, heart, mind and spirit, too.


Here’s How To Transform Your Whole Body & Core Strength In Less Time With Better Yoga!


Here in this course you’ll get 11 Core Strength Transformer Yoga Flow Classes—creative, exciting, body re-shaping and stress-busting yoga sequences, AND 10 Core Strength Restoring Rituals —meditations, mantras and earth-based ceremonies you haven’t done before to strengthen you, heart, mind and spirit, too.


This is a fun, creative and empowering journey into a fresh way to approach your yoga, and get twice the strength/stretch benefits from every pose.

Most yoga classes are too hard on the joints and don’t incorporate anatomy enough to keep you properly safe. I want to offer you new tools and techniques, and organic, fluid movement that can free you from pain and strain, and build more flexible strength in far less time!

I’ll focus your movement on gaining total core strength, which is much more than just the abs—although we will rock those, too.

I give you lots of modifications and variations for most levels and limitations—if you’re a strong Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced student or teacher of yoga, even if you have joints you need to be careful of…you can do this!

During these 21 days, I’ll guide you through the exact strong but mindful yoga flow classes that will give you all the strength, balance, flexibility, centering and core strength of an hour practice or more—in less than 30 minutes per session, every other day—so you’ll have plenty of time for tacos and fries and happy hour.

Oh wait…that’s me 🙂

Every other day I offer you a new sequence, to build your whole-body stamina, lengthen and lean your muscles, detox & cleanse your body, and help you find the inner confidence and self-worth that is the foundation of true core strength.


11 Core Strength Transformer Yoga Classes
Each class is 25-30 minutes and gives the results of other people’s 60-90 minute classes

The Four Foundations Flow—If you want double the strength, stretch and detox in every yoga pose, then you have to know about the Four Foundations—an important instruction built from anatomy and physics for how to use more conscious transitions to move between and into every pose. This will revolutionize your practice, clear out pain and strain, and get you back to leveling up your practice, instantly!

The Do The Wave Flow: Most yoga practices move you in straight lines—which is way harder on the joints and doesn’t work your muscles as much. Add in the water element of my signature organic transitions between and into all your poses, and you’ll get far more muscle tone and strength—and safer joints in every pose! Get ready to go with the flow.

The Root Awakening Flow: Your root, or pelvic floor and inner pelvic diaphragm muscles, are the seat and the source of so much strength, heat and detox in your practice—yet most people have no clue how to activate it! Let’s do it together in a creative, engaging and supremely energizing class built to root you down more deeply.

The Psoas Power Flow: Your most powerful core muscle isn’t any of your abs at all, but a deeper, spinal core muscle called the psoas. This flow will strengthen and open it, and teach you how to access your secret ninja superpowers in any pose!

The Belly Bonfire Flow: This one will super-fire up your total core and tune up your whole body, too. You’ll build inner heat and digestive and metabolic fires so you can burn away what’s no longer serving you—body, mind and heart!

The Hug It In Flow: Your deep abs, or transverse muscles, will help you contain your power on and off the yoga mat! Learn a whole body sequence that works and moves your energy in all the right ways—without leaking it. This one is literally in-powering!

The Moonwalk Flow: Side bends are one of the most freeing ways to stretch—and totally sculpt—your side core (abs, waist, spine ribs, and even your low back). Release these areas incredibly with this one creative moon-shaping sequence!

The Baby Got Back Flow: The core isn’t just the front of you—but the back body as well. During this sequence, we’ll counter-balance all that core work—and email-asana (computer hunching) too!

The Wring It Out Flow: Twists are often done incorrectly. I hope to blow your mind with this new perspective on noises that cleanse and detox you!

The Cute Glutes Flow: When you’re core strong, building beautiful, strong and lifted glutes are important for balance and stability. We kick literal asana together in this flow!

The Super Fly Flow: Learn to fly higher in every pose—using the earth-to-core connection you always have access to! All levels can do this—it’s fun to lighten up!

Plus, here and there, I’ll sprinkle in my other signature style, The Yoga Shred®, and we will do vigorous, confidence-building HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) moves that will tone and sculpt you in amazing ways—in just minutes!

In our classes, I’ll bring you all my anatomy, movement mechanics and physics knowledge, plus my 25 years of teaching yoga all over the world, to these classes, which will amplify the effectiveness of any style you do or teach now! You’ll end each practice feeling strong and refreshed and feeling like you can take on the world.


10 Core Strength Restoring Rituals
Each ritual is 5-10 minutes long and you can go longer if you choose.

In-between your physical yoga days, I’ll lead you through short but super effective earth-based meditations. You’ll energize and open your spiritual, mental and emotional core strength, and learn to instantly bust negative energies and drama that can lead you into low self-esteem and disempowerment.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Some of the Core Strength Restoring Rituals include:

The Black Ritual: We harness the power of black to clear out old, bad mojo in your life and give you some protection as you move into a new, transformative program! You’ll need the support of the earth for this one!

The Palo Santo Cleanse: You’ll disconnect from old dramas and patterns that have held you back from your full core strength—or living from confidence and self-trust. Your true nature will step forward during this clearing that you can do anywhere, anytime you need it.

The Rockstar Ritual: We will begin to use seed mantras, or power sounds, for many of our meditations, like this one, which will teach you a Rockstar Breath to clear your throat area, the center of your self-expression—and have you expressing yourself like the superstar that you are.

The Crown Of Fire Ritual: Open up tp a greater perspective, and learn a breath and mantra to connect you to healing energies instead of the ones that have dragged you down. We get light, and bring in white elements, fire, and sage, to keep you cleansed and cleared and ready to move forward in your yoga—and your life.

…and more!

Basically, you’re about to have a whole lot of fun transforming yourself into more whole-body-mind-spirit core strength on all levels.

Let’s do this!

See you there,


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