60H CSV Pregnancy Specialist Yoga Teacher Training  with Anya Hawkes

– for Yoga Teachers!
Online training with on-demand support from our team!



60hr CSV Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training – for Yoga Teachers!
Online training with on-demand support from our team!

The art of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, intelligent anatomy and a message of empowerment are at the heart of this amazing pregnancy training, helping teachers to meet the needs of expectant mamas so perfectly.

The journey of pregnancy is both remarkable and deeply challenging and yoga is such a powerful tool during this time, as we can all personally attest to.

Learning to expertly guide women every step of the way is such a beautifully empowering and connecting experience for student and teacher, helping to cultivate inner strength whilst nurturing and holding space.

With fierceness, fluidity and fun!

Teaching pregnancy yoga is unbelievably rewarding, but is also a big responsibility to take on, and that is why we want you to feel armed with incredible knowledge and confidence as you move through the online material, private mentoring sessions and your live graduation day to become the most amazing pregnancy yoga teacher out there. It’s important to us to have a personal connection to each student, and we’re on hand for any support you need throughout your training and beyond.

Many prenatal teacher trainings lack in anatomy information. You’ll find this training steeped in next-level anatomy and biomechanics, making our teachers a cut above the rest.

Specifically, here’s what you’ll get in this training:

  • Lifetime access. Do the course in your own timing; there is no time limit to complete
  • Personal connection to trainers – on demand support through the entirety of your training
  • Over 50 hours of video-led information combining theory and practical sessions
  • Pregnancy Anatomy Overview
  • Teaching practice, coursework and case studies
  • Comprehensive and logical online training, topics including:
  • The CSV Foundations & Adapting for Pregnancy
  • A Detailed Journey through the Trimesters – fetal development, physical & emotional considerations
  • Core Anatomy, the Core Conversation, Core Activators & The Powerful Pelvic Floor
  • Common Complaints, Red Flags & Contraindications
  • Sequencing, Themes & Class Management
  • Pregnancy Props, the Wall & Birth Ball
  • Yin Yoga for Pregnancy
  • The Power of Meditation & Pranayama in Pregnancy
  • Birth Preparation & Post Natal
  • Pose Library — a detailed exploration of 40+ Single Asana Breakdowns specific to Pregnancy
  • Practice, Meditation & Pranayama Libraries

We can’t wait to share it with you!