Embody Your Core Somatic Teacher Training (EYCSTT)


20HR Somatic Teacher Training Embody Your Core Somatic / with Alyson Wish

Journey to your primordial core! Learn Somatic practices to guide your students into a profound core relationship.



Embody Your Core Somatic Teacher Training (EYCSTT) with Alyson!

Keep up to speed. Somatic is current buzzword in the fitness industry. I began studying this field during my dance education twenty-five years ago and have been using it ever since to bridge the gap between body-mind in yoga inspired practices—and now you can too!

Diversify your teaching skills. Expand your knowledge and teach more than yoga poses. Lead specialized somatic classes on the gut-brain connection, myofascial release, fascia physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and yoga philosophy.

Somatic training is proven to radically augment performance, alignment, and well-being by heightening body awareness —pro athletes use it! Somatics focusses more on HOW you do something, less on WHAT you are doing as a means to re-educate the way the brain senses and the body moves. Learn how to rewire your students’ nervous system responses for more sensitive and strong physical and emotional bodies.

The results are a stronger, more resilient core!