Prenatal Immersion – Recorded Live


Workshop (live recording) The Ultimate Pregnancy Yoga Teacher & Student Toolkit

Learn to confidently welcome pregnant students to class, where appropriate, discover powerful anatomy cues, and gain a clear understanding of what your prenatal students need to stay engaged, empowered and safe!

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What’s included: 4 workshops as specified below (Recorded LIVE)

WORKSHOP ONE – with all teachers

Introduction – Who, What & Why

In our introductory session, we’ll share with you our experiences teaching Prenatal Yoga, our insights into the benefits and challenges of Pregnancy Yoga, and some of the main considerations you need to think about before welcoming pregnant students to class. We’ll offer you a quick 101 of top tips and to-dos along with contraindications and red flags to watch out for.

WORKSHOP TWO – with Anya

The Core Conversation in Pregnancy & Beyond

The ‘Core’ in Pregnancy takes on the most incredible transformation as it houses and nurtures new life. In this session with Anya, we’ll look at all of the Core Components, how they shift and evolve through the journey of Pregnancy and how we can encourage a Positive Core Conversation – surrendering to the changes and feeling core strong and connected throughout. We’ll briefly look at a common Core Complaint, Diastasis Recti and how we can help to prevent or heal.

  • Core Anatomy in Pregnancy
  • How the Core Conversation Shifts
  • Encouraging Core Connection
  • The Importance of Integration
  • Diastasis Recti
  • 20 minute Core Workout for Pregnancy


The pelvis can be a powerhouse of pleasure or a profound place of pain – we often don’t pay much attention until those joints begin to speak up for themselves – which is often the case in pregnancy. In this session with Suzanne, we will talk about the anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic diaphragm, how these structures are affected through pregnancy and beyond, and how we can help guide our students to better observe this incredible structure through somatic awareness, gentle holding and deep release.

  • Anatomy of the Pelvis
  • The Powerful Pelvic Diaphragm
  • Changes in Pregnancy & Beyond
  • Observation, Awareness & Release
  • 30 minute somatic practice


In this session with Lara, we will be discussing the use of props in a pregnancy class and why we need to empower women to help themselves to ensure comfort, space and alignment is created within the body and mind.

  • What props & why? (chair, blanket, ball, blocks, bolsters, weighted bags, belts)
  • Use of the birth ball – pelvic power & how the ball can assist labour & post natal exercises
  • How to support in restorative poses
  • Wall support – let the wall become your ally in stretching & supporting!
  • 30 minute physical practice to feel the benefits of the props & nurture the body