Sadie’s Power Hour “Rock Who You Are” Core To Throat Chakra Opening Yoga Flow!

I’m Sadie Nardini, a yoga expert and lead singer for Sadie & The Tribe. Here I bring my two worlds powerfully together to help you strengthen and free your core, authentic truth, and fiercest expressions, too!

This class is for stronger beginners and up. Do what you can, do less or rest if needed, and build up to more. This class includes the following sections:
* A 360 Degree Breath Meditation to ignite your core and support all your poses and your voice better.
* A Floor Neck, Chest & Shoulder Stretch Warm Up
* A Core Strengthening Heating Sequence
* A Sun Salutation For Intuition Boosting and Freeing Your Throat Chakra!
* A Temple, Fire Warrior and Triangle FireBath Sequence To Light Your Fire!
* A Super Adventure Flying Pose You Can Do At Any Level.
* A Sweet Restoring Stretch Series For Whole Body Core Opening.
* A Bonus Dark Crystal Negativity Dissolving Meditation At The End (Wait For It!)
By the time you’re done with this nourishing and invigorating hour practice, you’ll feel more grounded, connected to your center power, and more free to express your integrity, boundaries, agreements and creativity into all you do. Let’s get rid of any roadblocks to your greatness, together!
♥️ Sadie

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