11 Lessons / with Emily Spurling

Unlock inner-peace and resilience on this 11 day, holistic journey to overcoming anxiety – With Holistic Health Coach Emily Spurling.



Learn to control your emotions and proven strategies to build a positive mindset

Enjoy better sleep & more energy!

Improved physical health including, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and balanced weight

What it is:

11 Holistic, Scientifically Proven Lessons

For thousands of years the rock-solid, time-tested and now scientifically proven strategies in this course have helped countless people conquer stress and anxiety.

 Written by globally recognised wellbeing Expert Emily Spurling

The Calm Mind Protocol can teach you: how to rewire neural pathways and become more positive, mood boosting bio-hacks, vital nutrition tips for peace, how to handle stressful situations and big emotions with more ease, the proven strategy to become a lucid dreamer to unlock subconscious clues and solve problems in your waking life

A Proven Formula

Discover the common emotional and physical triggers that can affect how we sleep, think and feel, the proven formula of habit creation and reformation to enhance all areas of your life, thrive using the top 3 rituals from the 5000 year old science of Ayurveda, liberate yourself from mental chatter and free yourself from intrusive thoughts, and so much more!

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What’s included:

All 11 Lessons, on high quality, fast-streaming video

Accompanied by written text and thought provoking journaling prompts

Top level instruction from a world renowned Teacher.

What you need to take this course:

Anyone who is ready to shed their anxiety, and commit 20 mins per day is welcome to take this course. 

Please have a journal and yoga mat.

Emily Spurling

Embarking on the journey to overcome anxiety naturally through the Calm Mind Protocol course is an investment in your mental well-being, tapping into millennia of tried-and-true wisdom now backed by modern scientific studies. Authored by the esteemed well-being expert, Emily Spurling, this course is your guiding light if you’re seeking lasting relief from the clutches of stress and anxiety.

The program delves into the profound art of rewiring your neural pathways, providing you with tangible tools to cultivate a more positive mindset. With a focus on mood-boosting bio-hacks and essential nutrition tips for peace, The Calm Mind Protocol equips you to navigate the complexities of your emotional landscape with newfound ease. Unveiling strategies to handle stressful situations and manage intense emotions effectively, this course empowers you to reclaim control over your responses, positively impacting your relationships.

Beyond these fundamental principles, the course introduces a fascinating exploration into the realm of lucid dreaming—a technique not only for unlocking subconscious clues but also for solving real-life problems. It unveils the intricate connection between emotional and physical triggers that influence your sleep, cognition, and emotions, shedding light on transformative habits that can enhance every facet of your life. Drawing inspiration from the 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda, you’ll learn three essential rituals to thrive. Furthermore, the course guides you on liberating yourself from mental chatter and intrusive thoughts, offering a holistic approach to achieving mental freedom. The Calm Mind Protocol is your comprehensive roadmap to tranquility, a guide to embracing life with resilience and joy.


Emily’s warmth, honesty, and encouragement make this course feel more like a chat with a good friend (who knows her stuff!) than a typical self-help course.This is a guide you’ll refer to over and over again. Enjoy!

– Amy

Everything that Emily explains is so simple and effective, I used to feel overwhelmed by meditating, yoga and journaling and now they’re my favourite things to do. I feel so much more calm in my life now and feel that I have the right techniques to tackle any challenges that come my way.

– Kelly

The Calm Mind Protocol has been nothing short of life changing for me. As someone who has grappled with anxiety for years, this course has been a beacon of hope and a very welcome source of relief. Thank you!

– Adam

Meet your teacher:

Emily Spurling

Emily Spurling is a globally recognized well-being expert, author, and transformative teacher dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to mental, physical and emotional wellness. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping others thrive, Emily has become a beacon of inspiration in the field of holistic well-being.

Emily has been on her own healing journey since childhood. Her approach has evolved from her own experiences, and is deeply rooted in a commitment to melding ancient wisdom with modern science. Drawing from her extensive expertise, she has crafted The Calm Mind Protocol, a groundbreaking course that seamlessly integrates millennia of proven strategies with the latest insights from scientific studies. As the author and architect of this transformative program, Emily brings a unique blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary understanding to empower individuals to overcome stress and anxiety naturally.

Known for her engaging teaching style, Emily is not just an instructor but a guide on the path to mental freedom. Her commitment to her students goes beyond the classroom, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for personal growth. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of the mind and emotions, Emily Spurling is a trusted mentor, helping individuals liberate themselves from mental chatter and intrusive thoughts.

Whether through her courses, writings, yoga classes, wellness retreats or speaking engagements, Emily Spurling continues to impact lives positively, offering a holistic approach to well-being that transcends conventional boundaries. Her mission is clear: to empower individuals to embrace life with resilience and joy, fostering a lasting sense of tranquillity in an ever-demanding world.