The Yoga Teacher Revolution Training & The Anatomy of Dynamic Yoga Flow Bundle


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Get ready for next level Anatomy and Cueing!

This 2 course bundle gives you 65h CEC with Yoga Alliance

Learn and understand the anatomy of yoga flow and movement.

The Four Foundations

An actually useful and instantly applicable blueprint that we call The Four Foundations. We travel through each of the Four Foundations to train you how to understand and teach in order through each area of the body in ways that effect the most results for your students. This knowledge distills a decade of anatomy, biomechanics and physics into a few simple concepts you can use to rock your students’ worlds.

Learn about the most important area of the “core”.  99% of yoga teachers don’t know about this, or don’t know how to cue this action properly. Hint: it’s got almost nothing to do with the abs(!)

The myofascial Core Body Map: A (muscle-fascia) whole body core which is the only area built to decompress the joints and give you ultimate power and lightness in all your yoga asanas—but most people have never heard of it. Now you will—and it will give you an edge in your teaching.

Anatomy of conscious movement®: This is not just knowing the muscles and joints. We focus on an experiential, engaging breakdown of the human body as it relates to the practice of yoga. You will learn how to directly apply this essential information to your practice and your teaching. Understand the body, how it moves and learn how to adapt the practice to each individual.

The Clear Cueing Guide: We train you how to make easy shifts in your language and order of cues that will create large and positive transformations in your students in every class. You can use this order in any pose, and it will work—when you understand the WHY of cueing, you will become an expert at the HOW of putting it into every class.

This is your anatomy shortcut. The 7 Core Cues will revolutionize the way you teach – starting today!

The 7 Core Cues

This is the deeper dive in to more details of the Four Foundations. If you’re a yoga teacher of any style, this course will untangle the mystery Anatomy and biomechanics  – how the body is built to move and up level your teacher skills to a whole new dimension.

A lot of yoga teachers feel unsure when it comes to anatomy. Maybe your previous trainings did not include enough hours in it? Perhaps it felt complicated and difficult – and hard to remember? Or maybe some of the cueing that teachers have used forever just feels awkward and uncomfortable in your body and therefore it makes you hesitant about teaching the movement to others?

It can be confusing to know how to put medical terms and concepts into real-world yoga classes! Not anymore. The 7 core cues will clarify how to move to best support your body, build strength, and stay safe for both you and your students.

You’ll learn:

  • How to cue every pose from an anatomy-solid base, every time – with this simple to understand blueprint!
  • What yoga cues can hurt students, and how to instantly switch them to safer ones.
  • The anatomy behind the 7 Core Cues and why they only work if you cue them in a specific order.
  • How to keep the flow going in class and still make sure your students are in their best alignment.
  • Cues that empower your students, build confidence and a positive self image built from true core strength.

These two courses will give you:

  • New Functional Anatomy.
  • Cueing For Strength & Safety.
  • Authenticity & Uniqueness To Become More YOU In Class.
  • Structured and creative sequencing. More ideas, and guidance on how to put more of YOU into your classes.
  • Modification and Joint Safety Training to deal with students who need additional care.
  • Learn how to cue the “Yoga of Physics”. How to access the The Ground Reaction Force through your deep core line.
  • Marketing & Social Media Mastery Training —to help you let more people know where you are!
  • Ethics Guidelines: Becoming The Teacher—instead of just another instructor.
    Training Manuals for each section you can read.

And you will gain access to:

  • Ongoing Inspiration to become a magnetic teacher who teaches your best ever classes…EVERY time!
  • Hours of mindfully instructed and creative yoga classes with Sadie and her master trainers to inspire and inform you.
  • A Pose Library (The Revolution training)to show you exactly how to transitionally cue all the most common yoga poses through the four foundations.
  • Sequencing Templet to teach Your Best Classes, Every Time
  • Video Tutorial Guidance For Each Section—we also lead you through every section via video.
  • Access to Sadie’s Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get ongoing guidance from Sadie and her Master Trainers Karin, Alyson, Judy and Anya!

Credits & Certification

  • The Yoga Teacher Revolution Training accounts for 40 CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance.
  • The Anatomy of Dynamic Yoga Flow accounts for 25 CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance.
  • After completing this training you can use this knowledge and call yourself Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga-Inspired if you like. To become fully certified we offer 200h and 300h teacher tracks. A hybrid of online and In – person trainings.

The Yoga Teacher Revolution Training & The Anatomy of Dynamic Yoga Flow Bundle


(value $898 save $499)

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