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Yoga Shred® Teacher Training (Part 2): Full Certification—All Online!*

with Sadie Nardini

* Only for already Certified Yoga, Fitness or Movement Teachers that have completed the Yoga Shred® Teacher Training (Part 1): Foundations course!

Grow your classes incredibly & skill-boost your knowledge with this new Yoga Shred® Certification! This style, a superpower blend of stronger cardio-based HIIT and safer yoga alignment, is incredibly exciting, straightforward to instruct, and it’s a seamless way to add value and inspiration to enhance your classes.

You can do this self-guided training in your own time, and apply concepts and Shreds immediately into your classes as you learn. You’ll have forever access, too!

Take this course to teach the Yoga Shred® moves in your classes, too, and double or triple your class sizes, like so many of our Certified teachers already have. Read on for more details!

Here’s why this new Yoga Shred® HIIT + Yoga combination rocks:

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What’s Included?

  • A Full Yoga Shred® Certification – At Home!
  • 30 CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance
  • Call Your Classes “Yoga Shred® If You Like
  • NEW 20-Minute Yoga Shred® Workout Classes
  • Modification and Joint Safety Training
  • Anatomy Of Movement Training
  • Sequencing Your Best Classes, Every Time Template
  • Marketing & Social Media Mastery Training
  • Myofascial Core Meridian Training
  • Cueing Training For More Clarity In Classes
  • Ethics Guidelines: Becoming The Teacher
  • Yoga Shred® Training Manuals
  • Video Tutorial Guidance For Each Section
  • A Personal Video Critique And Feedback
  • The Freedom To Teach This Lucrative Style!
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You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to take this training, but if you do teach it, or want to add some fresh warmups and cool downs to your classes, or if you have yoga students coming to your classes, they will benefit from The yoga-based parts of this training. Since yoga is done more slowly. It activates slow-twitch muscle fibers, which give students longer holding power and endurance-based strength.

It helps practitioners gain balance, and holistic flexibility in muscles and joints. Yoga can be detoxifying due to inversions, whole body movements and longer exhales. It teaches people mindful living techniques too, so they can more easily center, ground, and slow down when life becomes chaotic. These are good tools for any teacher to have!

Sadie is the Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, an anatomy-enhanced yoga flow style, and she will help you learn to move students safer and stronger from the empowered core body—whatever style of yoga or fitness you teach! Many of the Yoga Shred® HIIT movements are based on yoga poses for safer, better alignment!



HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is done at a more fierce pace. It activates moderate and fast-twitch muscle fibers, which yoga alone doesn’t do. HIIT is what defines, tightens, lifts and sculpts your muscles. If you want your students to get awesome results from your classes, and flock back for more, adding in a few HIIT moves is the fastest and best way to do it.

HIIT gets the heart rate up higher than yoga can, in specific ways to optimize cardio, or how you intake and process oxygen. They will feel the transformation happening immediately. It also can raise the metabolism up to 15% and burn calories and fat for 48 straight hours!

Your students will see that your classes give them more results in less time, and your classes will be more attractive to them than your competitors!

BUT…the problem with most HIIT workouts today is that they are hard on the joints, too long, and cause burnout, teardown, even injury! The Yoga Shred® is a new & improved way to approach HIIT: joint-safer, spine-safer, more anatomy knowledge, mindful alignment and breathing—and it’s even more effective than regular HIIT movement!

What This Course Gives You (The Details)

Yoga Shred® Next-Level Teacher

Authenticity, Ethics, Environment & Cueing

This final part of the full Certification course gives you all the tools you’ll need to become more than just another instructor. Becoming the Teacher is the way to feel more clear and satisfied with your classes, and attract more students, who see you as a unique and powerful guide.

Yoga Shred Sequencing Template Classes

Plus 4 new 20-25-Minute Yoga Shred Workout Flows

You’ll get a written manual and video tutorials on rockstar sequencing–which can pack your classes!
These sequences, plus full flow classes you can practice at home, are blueprints to show you exactly how to incorporate the Yoga Shred® moves into your sessions in the best way ever…every time!

Yoga Shred® Training Manuals

Deep Guidance Through Each Module

Your trainers lead you through learning about this HIIT + Yoga fusion every step of the way. You get all the Yoga Shred® Training Manuals, e-books that walk you through all the details about the Yoga Shred®: How to teach it, how to talk about it, how to sequence it into your classes, how to attract more students to class with it, common modifications, anatomy training, marketing success, and more. All manuals are also guided via video with Sadie & Karin!

Certificate & CECs!

Become fully Yoga Shred® Certified

After you finish this online course to completion, you will receive a Yoga Shred® Certification, Continuing Ed Certificate, and badges for your website. You’ll be Yoga Shred®-Certified and can call your classes “Yoga Shred®” if you like! It’s a great name that attracts many more students into your studio or classes. This course counts for a whopping 30 non-contact CEC Credit Hours through Yoga Alliance and 15 non-contact hours through ACE, CanFitPro, NASM and AFAA as well!

What People Are Saying

""Sadie Nardini is one of the very few vinyasa yoga teachers whose work I unreservedly recommend!"" – Leslie Kaminoff bestselling author of “Yoga Anatomy”

Teachers Love It

"I was struggling to draw students to my classes. I couldn’t get the studio to give me more spots on the schedule. Well…my class size tripled after teaching one Yoga Shred® class. Now the studio is asking me to put three more classes on the schedule! Yesss!!" – Jane
"My Yoga Shred® classes are one of the most popular classes at the gym where I teach! And you’ve created such a clear training. It was so easy to learn, and now I’m reaping the benefits. Thank you!" – Amy
"Loving the Yoga Shred® TT course! Well-structured, Sadie, and so many sequencing possibilities... this is a great variety to my own practice and to offer my students." – Tanya
"I trained in freestyle fitness yoga a few years ago, and just gained my Yoga Shred® Certification with Anya. I totally adore it and my class sizes have grown so much!!" – Ruth

Your Students Will Love It

"I’m a runner and have incorporated these shreds in to my workouts and have seen more results than any amount of running, ever!" – Kristi
"I would just like to say, your Yoga Shred® has changed my body. I was stuck at at plateau after I worked 60 pounds off of my three months I am now 17 pounds from losing 100. Science and determination rock!" – Julie
"I love the Yoga Shreds!!. Honestly I think they are the best, most effective, complete and efficient targeted workouts I've ever done! And I’ve done ‘em all. Thank you Sadie!" – Annie

Bonus Features:


Future Yoga Shreds®

When new Shreds are created, you’ll be the first to get access to them in the Bonus Section of your Yoga Shred® Library!

Fierce Facebook Forum

Meet up with other like-minded course participants, students, teachers and trainers in this group, exclusively for those who have purchased one of my courses or trainings.

Ready to rock this popular and freeing addition to your classes?

Let’s go!

About Sadie

Sadie Nardini is the CEO of Sadie Nardini, LLC,  founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced flow yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  +  Yoga Flow style based on more mindful yoga alignment and cardio optimization. She’s an anatomy of yoga and tribe-building marketing expert.

Sadie is one of the world’s bestselling online yoga course creators and her new online studio, The Fit & Fierce Club is booming. Her social media encompasses over 1-2 million viewers a month between Facebook, Instagram and the Club.

She travels the world presenting on yoga, fitness, social media and finding one’s true voice. Her specialty is faster empowerment and transformation on all levels.

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