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Welcome to the best thing you can do to upgrade your wellness business!

Train your teachers in fresh skills, Attract more clients, fast, all at a sweet sub-retail price!

As a longtime studio owner for many years, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to retain students – and grow your client base to the point where you’re not just surviving – but thriving!

These three training tracks are easy to do (they’re all online!), and can make an instant difference in your studio’s success. I know – I built three New York City studios from nothing into sought-after spots with full classes.

Then I dedicated my career to helping yoga and wellness teachers and studio owners uplift their attendance and reach epic business success by doing the least amount of work for the biggest return.

And I can do it for you, too.

Out of my expertise, and understanding of what students want from a studio, I created three Training Tracks for you to choose from.

You can buy a bundle of trainings for the number of teachers you have for FAR less than retail price.

All Trainings:

  • Are online, self-paced and no time limited to complete

  • Provide full certifications in the styles and CEC hours with Yoga Alliance

  • Are tax-deductible for your studio as continuing education and professional development

  • Will give your instructors useful information they can immediately apply to boost their class value as they go along

  • Are designed for any style yoga teacher to add to their existing classes

  • Are modifiable to any level class or practitioner

  • Are simple to learn and implement

  • Helps you add fresh skills and offerings to retain your current client base

  • Will attract new clients and can make your studio more sought after than ever

What studios are saying about the trainings:


Sadie! My studio wasn’t flourishing in my community until I added in the Yoga Shred training for my teachers! Now the Shred classes are the most popular on the schedule – and they bring more students in for the regular yoga, too. I am so glad I found you! ~Ann, studio owner, Michigan


As a longtime studio owner and staple in my area, I was hesitant to rock the boat and add in new styles, but all of my teachers wanted to do your Restorative track – the Dynamic Yin and Somatic Flexibility Trainings – so I took a chance, and guess what? My class attendance (and my studio income) doubled when I added them into the schedule and some classes too. Our Flow & Slow classes are the most popular I’ve ever seen – packed every night. Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks! Next up: The Yoga Shred! Veronica, Studio owner, Louisiana


Your Anatomy track was mind-blowing for all my teachers, and even for me – someone who has a good background in it already! I never thought about anatomy as dynamic, and movement oriented in ways that have made a massive positive shift in how my teachers cue – and how the students feel during and after class. I can’t believe how many compliments we all get about our classes now – for the same teachers, and the same poses, but this new knowledge has shifted us for the better and stronger. Oh, did I mention that our signups and referrals have gone through the roof? Classes that were half empty are now overfull. My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago! Sharon, studio owner, Pennsylvania

Each Training Track is specifically designed to add in specialties that teachers need, and that students LOVE and will flock to you for:

The Yoga Shred TT

Cardio Fitness Track: The Yoga Shred® Training:

Yoga flow by itself only gives students 50% of the fitness benefits they need to experience holistic fitness.

In order to feel their best at your studio, and give them the whole body results they want, you can offer High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata HIIT, Cardio optimization, Muscle sculps and light weight resistance training, all wrapped in a fun, creative, flowing style that seamlessly works into any level yoga class.

Yoga Shred is a masterful and mindful blend of HIIT / cardio fitness set in an empowering yoga base.

This is a perfect way for you to attract clients that you’re losing to fitness studios and gyms, because now you’re offering it all!

Yoga practitioners adore this style too, because they finally get their cardio optimization and see muscle sculpt and strength gains faster than in regular yoga classes.

These will quickly become your most popular classes.

Yoga Teacher Revolution Training
Core Anatomy Teacher Training

Dynamic Anatomy Track: The Yoga Teacher’s Revolution + Core Anatomy Trainings.

What you’ll get:

New cues and moving anatomy knowledge that gives your teachers what they didn’t learn in their original trainings: a next-level understanding of how to understand joint function in real time, and move bodies through space optimally in a yoga format.

Your teachers will quickly become more in-demand as their knowledge base grows. No one else will teach with the depth they will have after this simple-to-understand training track.

Students will immediately experience less pain, more strength, a greater understanding of their body, and see more results from every class. They won’t want to go anywhere else!

Dynamic Yin
Somatic Flexibility

Restorative & Stretch Track: Dynamic Yin Yoga + Somatic Flexibility Technique Trainings:

You get so much bang for your buck with this track. You can add restorative and stretch sequences to any class, or add Dynamic Yin and/or Somatic Flexibility classes to your schedule.

Science shows us that regular Yin Yoga, and the commonly taught stretch poses we hold in yoga can actually hurt students’ joints and even destabilize them for life.

With our new anatomy Dynamic Yin and neuromuscular science-based Somatic Flexibility Technique, you’ll be the only studio in town where students release muscle tension fast, avoid joint strain, feel much more flexible after just a few minutes, and stay that way for longer!

When you offer your teachers even one of these tracks, you can sit back and watch your studio become the go-to in your community. You’ll become more unique, and yet your new trainings are compelling to a broad range of people – so they’ll come to you rather than go down the street.

If these intrigue you, tell me more about your business, and I’ll send you a personal email with which of them I feel would give you the most results for your particular needs.

If you want to chat with me in person, I’m happy to do a free consultation with you and we can figure it out together!

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I can’t wait to show you exactly how these trainings can move your studio to its next level of financial freedom and added value for your clients. It’s such a win-win!