(Formerly the 30 day yoga shred challenge)

30 Lessons / with Sadie Nardini

A Total Yoga + HIIT Body Transformation in One Month!


Reach the lean muscle lift and definition potential you naturally have.

Experience an empowering fitness style that’s also subtle on your joints.

Gain all the strength and cardio health of a two hour bootcamp-style workout – in under 30 minutes, and far safer! 

What it is:

A New Way to Work Out for Maximum Results

Each session leads you through 3 rounds of joint-safer high intensity interval training (HIIT), based on conscious yoga pose alignment, with mindful breath. Sadie is an anatomy expert so she moves you strongly, but with plenty of modifications for your specific needs. 

Full Body Workouts to Optimize You, Faster

The sessions each focus on a specific physical area, but also provide whole body strength and cardio for a holistic fitness experience that will leave you invigorated, and gaining the results of a much longer class in under 20 minutes. Thanks, science! 

Lifestyle Support for Your Best Body 

You’ll get fantastic plant-based recipes to ensure your body is truly healthy – inside and out!

What you need to take this course

A yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks recommended. Two light (1/2-5 lb) hand or wrist weights, and ankle weights optional but recommended. 

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What’s included:

30 lessons

Forever Access to your own personal Yoga Shred Challenge Online Course 

This course comes with all the content for each day pre-loaded for you . When you’re ready for the next day, just click a button to get started! So easy.

30 Days of Guided Video Sessions 

Including fun, empowering Yoga Shred® HIIT workouts, food lifestyle tips and recipes, and daily motivations to keep your heart, mind and spirit healthy, confident, and strong.

Empowering Yoga Shred™ Workouts That Work Fast

These HIIT + Yoga sessions are done 3 times per week in different variations to ignite whole-body definition, strengthening and the Afterburn Effect–a metabolic kickstart that burns calories and excess body fat for up to 48 HOURS after each class!

Centering Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga™ Flow Classes

You’ll get a new class to stretch, refresh and restore you at the end of every week.

Modifications and Variation Tutorials

You’ll be oriented and guided through each new workout pose by pose so you can master all the moves from the beginning. 

  • Are you ready to make a shift, feel better, stronger and have more energy to do things you love?
  • Do you have excess weight to lose? Or do you want to boost your metabolism in order to stay fit and defined?
  • Are you sick of spending hours at the gym or on the yoga mat without getting the results you are wanting?
  • Do you want to tone up and build lean muscle to support you in your life on and off the yoga mat?

Sadie Nardini, renowned fitness and yoga instructor, faced a common predicament despite her years of dedicated yoga practice – lack of cardio, less sculpted muscles, and according to herself “a less-than-desired flatty patty booty”. She managed to transform her fitness levels in a mere 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. That’s all it took!

While Sadie cherish her yoga practice and the mindfulness it fosters, she realized that even the most intense yoga alone wouldn’t help her achieve her desired fitness goals. Drawing upon a decade of anatomy and exercise physiology study, she created The Yoga Shred®, a mindful fusion of yoga and HIIT (High-Intensity/Integrity, Interval Training). This unique blend empowers individuals to tap into their full spectrum of strength and energy potential.

Sadie herself understands the significance of addressing limitations and building strength from scratch. In her teenage years, she endured a severe spinal injury when a big guy landed on her head in a swimming pool, leaving her partially paralyzed for two years. Her journey back to fitness was a testament to her resilience.

Whether you’re a fitness novice or an experienced enthusiast, Sadie’s programs provide challenges and opportunities for growth. She offers expert guidance and adapts exercises to suit your current capabilities. Regardless of your starting point, you too can achieve lasting fitness and health transformations in a remarkably short time.


“I was doing a yoga workout video daily, but recently have switched it up by doing one of your Yoga Shred videos every third day, and it has made a WORLD of difference! I feel stronger, leaner, and like I’m really getting the best workout for my heart that I don’t get with only yoga! Thank you, Sadie!”

– Stella,33

“I’m a runner and have incorporated these shreds in to my workouts and have seen more results than any amount of running, ever!”

– Kirsti, 42

“I love the Yoga Shreds!!. Honestly I think they are the best, most effective, complete and efficient targeted workouts I’ve ever done! And I’ve done ‘em all. Plus, can I say I love your recipes, and so does my newfound energy, my clear skin, and my developing muscle tone. Thank you Sadie!“

– Bethany, 51

Meet your teacher:

Sadie Blond

Hi, I’m Sadie

After a severe spinal injury in my teens, I made it my mission to empower people of all ages and abilities to find their physical and emotional strength, resilience and freedom again. 

I’m a lifelong yoga and fitness teacher, and a total anatomy nerd. I’m Harvard – certified in anatomy,  Stanford-certified in exercise physiology, the founder of  The Somatic Flexibility Technique®, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a joint-safer HIIT + Yoga fitness style .  

I currently live in Santa Barbara, California – and proud mom of three kitties, Bowie, Freddie, and Annie!