Teacher Trainings

The Yoga Teacher Success Bundle -2

Yoga Teacher Success Solution Bundle

75 H CEC with Sadie Nardini & Guest Master Teachers

3 Revolutionary Yoga Teacher Training Booster Courses in one for any yoga style instructor. Rise and shine as the yoga teacher you were born to be with cutting edge anatomy knowledge, class-building techniques, joint-safer cueing and class-filling marketing skills!

The Anatomy of Dynamic Yoga Flow-3

The Anatomy of Dynamic Yoga Flow

40H Yoga Teacher Training with Sadie Nardini

Learn to teach Myofascially – not Medically and revolutionize your flow. This is your anatomy shortcut. The 7 Core Cues will revolutionize the way you teach starting today!

Somatic Sequencing - Alyson

Somatic Sequencing Teacher Training with the Goddess & Master Class Series

XX Lessons / with Alyson Wish

Invoke Your Creative Sequencing Powers. A series of Master Classes and Advanced Creative and Somatic Sequencing Tools. Online Course with Alyson Wish.
Magic of Myofacial Release (4)

The Magic of Myofacial Release

40 Lessons / with Anya Hawkes

Weave some myofascial magic into your practice and classes and experience transformation with the ultimate feel-good factor!

Release stress & tension, improve joint mobility, increase flexibility and enhance the intelligent preparations and recovery from your yoga or movement practice.

Embody Your Core Somatic Tt

Embody Your Core Somatic Teacher Training (EYCSTT)

20HR Somatic Teacher Training Embody Your Core Somatic / with Alyson Wish

Journey to your primordial core! Learn Somatic practices to guide your students into a profound core relationship.
Somatic Flexibiliy

Somatic Flexibility Technique Teacher Training

10HR Somatic Flexibility Technique TT / with Sadie Nardini

If you want to add an in-demand skill to your classes, and build them fast while increasing your students’ flexibility faster than ever- Welcome to the Somatic Flexibility Technique Teacher Training – and you can get certified 100% online!

Dynamic Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Karin

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

30H Online Certification Yoga Teacher Training / Karin Thyr Eriksson

Explore Yin Yoga from a new prespective. Increase your flexibility and find relaxation in both body and mind through dynamic mindful slow movements that allow you to gently land in supported yin poses that promotes stillness of the mind. Our gentle and soft transitions in and out of each pose invites the students to practice with integrity and mindfulness.
CSV Pregnancy


60H CSV Pregnancy Specialist Yoga Teacher Training  with Anya Hawkes

– for Yoga Teachers! Online training with on-demand support from our team!
The Core Anatomy Teacher Training

Transformational Core Strength Anatomy Training

10H Yoga Teacher Training / with Sadie Nardini

Demystify and simplify core strength anatomy and learn more effective cues — for yoga teachers!

The Yoga Revolution Teacher Training

The Yoga Teacher Revolution® Training

40h Yoga Teacher Training / Sadie Nardini, Karin Thyr Eriksson, Alyson Wish & Anya Hawkes

A Revolutionary Yoga Teacher Training for any yoga style instructor. Learn the 4 foundations of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, cutting edge anatomy cueing and how to thrive as a teacher!

Yoga Shred TT

Yoga Shred® Teacher Training (Full Course): Online Certification

40H Yoga Shred TT / Sadie Nardini

Ready to certify online in a style your students will love? Great for any style and level teacher