Cultivate a deep sense of awareness and presence through Yin Yoga and chakra meditations. Find balance and freedom in both body and mind.

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Cultivate a deep sense of awareness and presence through soft Yin Yoga and energy-balancing meditations. Each class will focus on a specific chakra to release and free tension and create balance, space, and freedom in your mind, body, and spirit.

It’s common for many people to overwork, over or under-stimulate their nervous systems, inflame their bodies, and go through their days feeling more creaky, sick and tired than they should.

And too much active exercise without proper energy and flexibility work can actually block you from getting all the benefits you’ve worked so hard for.

If you’re feeling burned out, or you want a practice to counter-balance your active workouts for better recovery, more vitality, and greater flexibility – this course is for you!

Especially in times of unknown, and higher stress, it’s crucial to learn how to nourish and balance your body and mind. Yin Yoga, a style designed to smooth and open your whole body gently, partnered with chakra-balancing poses and deep meditative intention, can work wonders to restore you on all levels, and help you feel your best.

The word, Chakra translates as “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit and refers to a spiritual energy center within the human body. There are seven major “chakras” along the spine, neck, and at the crown of the head.

Anatomically, your energy centers are called nerve plexuses and when blocked, they can cause pain, illness, even disease.

These energy centers govern and influence all areas of your inner and outer health.

This course will take you through a series of Yin Yoga classes, one for each of the 7 chakras.

Yin Yoga is a meditative practice. An opportunity to cultivate a deep sense of awareness and presence and get you more deeply connected to your true center.

You’ll love this self-soothing, guided journey within.

Let’s begin!


How to take this course:

You will receive 7 guided classes which focus on each energy center and the poses that support optimal energy flow.

You can take the whole course in 7 days, (one class per day) 7 weeks (one class per week) or in any time frame you like. You can take them in the order they are scheduled or mix it up. Return to the classes you need most, or do the whole course over again in order.

Each class has an opening meditation and a mantra  that can be sung, spoken, whispered or repeated in silence if it resonates with you.

Classes You’ll Get:

  1. Yin Yoga to balance the Root Chakra / Plexus
  2. Yin Yoga to balance the Navel Chakra / Plexus
  3. Yin Yoga to balance the Solar Chakra / Plexus
  4. Yin Yoga to balance the Heart Chakra / Plexus
  5. Yin Yoga to balance the Throat Chakra / Plexus
  6. Yin Yoga to balance the Third Eye Chakra / Plexus
  7. Yin Yoga to balance the Crown Chakra / Plexus

Props you will need:
2 blocks, a bolster and a couple of blankets are needed for most classes.

Meet your teacher:

Karin is a Swedish Master Teacher Trainer in Core Strength Vinyasa, Yoga Shred, and Yin Yoga. She brings you her signature fierce Shred workouts, mindful, energizing yoga flows and soothing restorative classes, as well as a focus on Strong Basics. Sometimes simple is stronger, and whether you are a beginner or beyond, Karin’s sessions will have you feeling grounded, heated, and transformed, inside and out.

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