8 Lessons / with Alice Bracegirdle

Designed for women of all ages, stages and ability these routines offer much more than a physical workout. This is a journey from grounded root to glorious crown, designed to help you embody the beautiful Goddess you are!


Belly dance inspired moves, functional fitness and mindfulness

Yoga and sacred feminine dance for the perfect holistic workout designed for just women.

A Moving Meditation For women of all stages and all ages.

What it is:

7 Bellyfit Workouts:

The Embodied Goddess Program gives you 7 Bellyfit® workouts that offer everything this movement represents and everything we stand for as a brand – Feminine empowerment, deep spiritual connection, and a fun, full body workout that will have you smiling and sweating the whole way through.

Created For The Female Body

As you move through each of these 7 unique workouts created specifically for the female body, you’ll activate each of the 7 Chakras and draw inspiration from 7 powerful Goddesses.

The Perfect Blend:

A fusion of cardio, strength and Stretch that satisfies a special sweet spot for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. It’s a moderate to intense workout, designed to be smart. Which means that its safe, effective and always sweat inducing!

I want this course!


What’s included:

7 Classes

The Embodied Goddess Series of Bellyfit classes takes you through each of the chakras in a fun, empowering and sweaty way. Each class is around 50 min.

1 Bonus Class

BellyfitFlow™ which is more Yoga inspired and less cardio. (60 min)


The days of high impact aerobics and endless crunches are over.

Science, experience and intuitive wisdom are now showing us that women will get the best results from movement that is low impact, moderate intensity and fluid ~ especially as we age into our 40s and beyond.

We don’t need to punish our bodies to be fit and fabulous. We need to
honour OUR BODY’S NATURAL ANCIENT WISDOM and allow the energy of Shakti to rise and enliven every aspect of our being ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I can’t wait for you to experience for yourself what this movement has to offer.


I love this one so much. I used Wake Up! as a come-back exercise after having a fatiguing virus and it was perfect. Halfway through it put me into a very meditative state and I enjoyed most of it with my eyes clothes, and added some improv. I find this to be the gentlest and lowest impact for days when you need that.

– Patricia

I did all the Goddess routines (many time) and I really love the themes! Every move has his own intention, which is very valuable. At the same time they challenge my physique, it is a really good workout with some very cool music

– Eeke

By far one of my favorites!  I love the connection between the goddess, the music and the movements.  There is nothing like getting a great workout without even noticing because you’re having so much fun and feeling sooooo good <3

– Pauline

Meet your teacher:


Alice, CEO and Co-Founder of Bellyfit®, devotee of the Feminine.

Alice is a global influencer and the mastermind behind the Bellyfit® movement, mission and brand. For over 15 years, she has inspired thousands of women to move & live in a way that’s strong, sexy & soulful and deeply connected to the Feminine.

When she’s not with her teenage daughter, enjoying the incredible West Coast Lifestyle with her DJ husband or creating the next set of revolutionary choreography, she’s mentoring her team of Master Trainers and inspiring hundreds of certified Bellyfit® Instructors in over 20 countries around the world who are moving & empowering thousands of women every day.