8 Lessons / with Sadie Nardini

Increase Stamina, Mobility And Flexibility – Gently!


This chair yoga course is suitable for people of all fitness levels and abilities, providing a gentle yet effective practice that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Efficient Time Management: With each session under 20 minutes, this course offers a time-efficient way to incorporate yoga into your daily routine, making it easy to stay committed

Joint and Muscle Support: The unique approach of using gravity and body weight in the movements helps activate multiple muscles at once while offering exceptional support for your joints, promoting flexibility and relaxation

What it is:

8 all-levels yoga sessions, about 20 minutes – and they work better to transform you than many longer classes would!

We do all the movements in and around a chair, but if you’re chair-bound, you can do most everything here. Sadie always gives modifications for both

You can go at your own pace, make the movements more or less challenging, depending on your needs–and work up to more in time. You can use these sessions multiple times, and track your progress and victories as you go

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What’s included:

8 sessions, all under 20 minutes each, but they work better to transform you than many longer classes would! That’s because you move properly using gravity and your body weight in ways that activate more muscles at once–and support your joints and body to open up more effortlessly.

What you need to take this course:

Truly, all you need to do these sessions is:

A chair that allows you to move around freely (the seat should have your thighs parallel to the floor with your feet firmly planted down).

A yoga mat on a hard floor. Put your chair on the mat to keep your feet and chair from slipping, We don’t want any falls!

A yoga block, a yoga strap (although a scarf, bathrobe tie will work fine), a small rubber ball, or a tennis ball.

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I absolutely loved this online chair yoga course! The short sessions were perfect for my busy schedule, and I was amazed at how effective they were. Sadie’s emphasis on using gravity and body weight made the movements feel natural and accessible, leaving me feeling more relaxed and flexible after just a few sessions

– Tina

As someone with joint issues, I was skeptical about chair yoga, but this course proved me wrong. The sessions were incredibly effective in transforming how my body feels. I appreciate how they prioritize muscle activation and joint support, making it easy for me to open up and enjoy the benefits of yoga without strain.

– Linda

Sadie, I love this course! I have missed yoga due to an injury but now I’m back! The short sessions ar a game-changer, and they deliver results that longer classes often don’t. I felt my muscles engaged in new ways, and my body opening up effortlessly. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an effective practice using a chair as your a prop!

– Mary Sue

Meet your teacher:

Sadie headshot 2023

Sadie Nardini is a Harvard and Stanford – certified anatomy and exercise physiology instructor, and is certified in hormonal balance for women through MedFit.

She has 25 years experience in the yoga and wellness fields, and makes it her life’s mission to help others thrive at any age. Sadie lives in Santa Barbara, California with her 3 kitties Bowie, Freddie and Annie.