10 Lessons / with Karin Thyr Eriksson

Yin Yoga & Meditations for women in peri-menopause – menopause and post menopause


Audio meditations you can download and have instant access to in your phone or tablet..

Journaling exercises 

Dynamic Yin practices to circle back to you, your personal power and self love

What it is:

Anatomy-enhanced Yin postures that give you an opportunity to connect, self -reflect, and restore your energy.

Blissful, gentle yoga movements to keep you grounded and centered.

Practices to help you deal with some of the most common menopausal symptoms like belly bloat, weight gain, mood swings, brain fog, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, stiffness, stress, and hot flashes

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What’s included:

Audio Meditations

5 audio meditations you can download and have instant access to in your phone or tablet.

Journaling Exercises

Journaling Exercises to deepen your relationship with self

Dynamic Yin Session

5 Dynamic Yin Sessions

5 Bonus Practices & Techniques

Sessions you can do to instantly boost your feel good hormones.

What you need to take this course:

Just your openness to learn and explore this phase of your body and life.

All levels, from beginner to more experienced practitioners are welcome. Karin meets you right where you are.

Please have a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a blanket and bolster handy. If you don’t have a bolster or block, pillows and blankets will do!

Dynamic Yin For Menopause

Most women are unaware that perimenopause (the time before menopause) is an ongoing, constantly changing time that sometimes lasts for up to 10 years. When your hormone levels start to decrease, it’s the beginning of a new era. This hormonal change will forever be present in your life moving forward. But you don’t have to suffer!

Most women would probably muscle up and power through anything if they knew it was something they had to face for a month or maybe even a year. But 10-20 years or more? That’s a big ask. The challenges and symptoms of midlife affect every woman differently, but one common denominator is that it hits them at a stage in their lives where they usually have to juggle both career and family. A time when they are dealing with stress from all angles. A lot of women hit a wall. They are on the verge of burning out, feeling extreme fatigue and helplessness.

So what do many do? – they push even harder, when what they need to do is pull back.

When we pull back and give ourselves the space to ground and connect, open and hydrate connective tissues and muscles, restore our range of motion and learn to master stress, and it helps us deal with life in general but it also helps us deal FAR better with some of the most common menopausal symptoms.

When we pull back – we actually go deeper. Deeper into self, and healing, and balancing on a profound level.

The concept of yin and yang comes from the Taoist tradition. Yin can be described as cool, calm, inward, and focused, while Yang is moving, heated, and more intense. Dynamic Yin means using mindful slow movement to find stillness within both body and mind. When we make space, energy can flow more freely and in that space we can gain clarity on how to move forward. In that space there’s an opportunity to rest, restore and renew so we can move through life with balance in both body and mind.

Dynamic Yin can be used to warm up your body and your joints in the morning to help lessen joint pain and stiffness throughout your day, and help you connect and focus better through the brain fog. This style can quickly lower destructive stress hormones like cortisol – which can cause belly bloat, weight gain and extreme tiredness. You can use these practices before bed to help you sleep better too!


Honestly, I felt lost and all over the place as I approached menopause. The classes in this course have taught me how to deal with stress, lose weight and de-bloat my belly – I feel like myself again!”

– Jenny

I didn’t even know I needed this course. The meditations have kept me sane through my work day. The brain – break one specifically. I confess, I lock myself in the bathroom at lunch and plug my earphones in…

– Janice

My joints used to bother me every morning. Now I do a few of the moves Karin has taught me every day before getting out of bed and it’s been a revolution!

– Christine

Meet your teacher:


I’m Karin,

Music has always been my life. I started doing yoga in my early 20’s and since then I have combined both throughout life and my career. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight and my body, but in my early 40s I finally made up with my body issues and got over the chase of being skinny and always being on some kind of diet. I found a way of living where I could balance all the good stuff I love with workouts that worked and was for the first time happy and satisfied with my body.

At 46 years old, I started to feel different. My body wasn’t responding to workouts the way it used to. I kept gaining weight, I started to feel low and lost my energy. I kept powering through because that’s who I am. I get stuff done, I deliver and I usually thrive doing so. But something felt ”off”. I wasn’t sleeping well and I lost my temper often, for no reason. I searched for help but was told to go home and try to work on my sleep routine, eat less calories and work out harder. But nothing I tried made me feel better.

Finally I started to research menopause and realized there was so much I didn’t know. I became a certified ”Strong through Menopause” Coach and learned how to advocate for myself and girl, did I! Getting the right bio-identical hormones and working out for hormonal balance instead of only strength and fitness was a game changer. From day 2 I felt like myself again and I feel excited about life!

Still – life challenges kept building up and my cortisol levels were spiking. I putting on the pounds again. This online course is so important to me because I hear women talk about their perimenopause symptoms all the time – feeling completely lost and alone. That should NOT be the case. My wish for you is that you too should feel your best and rock any stage of menopause and I believe this course can help you to do so! These practices that I’m about to share with you have helped balanced my hormones and lowered my stress and that has really made a difference in my overall health and well-being. I’m excited to share it with you!