Journey to your primordial core! Learn Somatic practices to guide your students into a profound core relationship.



Add EYC Somatic Practices to your classes for a core-centric, transformational journey. You, and your students, will crave more!

Keep up to speed. Somatic is current buzzword in the fitness industry. I began studying this field during my dance education twenty-five years ago and have been using it ever since to bridge the gap between body-mind in yoga inspired practices—and now you can too!

Diversify your teaching skills. Expand your knowledge and teach more than yoga poses. Lead specialized somatic classes on the gut-brain connection, myofascial release, fascia physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and yoga philosophy.

Somatic training is proven to radically augment performance, alignment, and well-being by heightening body awareness —pro athletes use it! Somatics focusses more on HOW you do something, less on WHAT you are doing as a means to re-educate the way the brain senses and the body moves. Learn how to rewire your students’ nervous system responses for more sensitive and strong physical and emotional bodies.

The results are a stronger, more resilient core!


Each module focuses on somatic practices and related anatomy. Confidently teach the material straightaway!

1) Journey to Your Gut-Brain-Breath: Retrain Your Brain. Start a chemical communication party in your Gut-Brain with myofascial belly massage.

2) Journey to Free Your Psoas: Rewire Your Nervous System. Create new neuromuscular pathways for psoas release and re-establish a healthy fight/flight/freeze response.

3) Journey to Your Fascia System: Recondition Your Body. Turn tight/weak issues into strong/fluid tissues. Revive fascia receptors to feel all the “feels”.

4) Journey to Elemental Emotions: Reshape Your Posture. Deconstruct patterns, habitual behaviors, and surprisingly, yoga poses that no longer serve you.

5) Trip to Vagus: Hack Your Nervous System. Rock N Roll Your Core into balance with a therapy ball to switch on your OFF button and rewrite your personal story.


Go-Deeper & Geek-Out: Here, I take you into nuanced principles from the main modules to elevate your Somatic Skills.

  • Core-Restore Breathwork
  • Psoas Awareness Exercises
  • Myofascial Roll Outs + Stretch Reflex-tions
  • Somatic Movement Improvisation

Turn your classes into a core-centric, transformational journey with embodied somatics. You, and your students, will crave more!



  • An online training with pre-recorded and on-demand video content.
  • Complete the course in your own time— with lifetime access.
  • 20 Yoga Alliance In-Person Approved CEC Hours of EYCSTT instruction, technique, methodology, application with students, and a final quiz.
  • A downloadable Yoga Somatics certification.
  • Embody Your Core Somatic Teacher Training (EYCSTT) Manual.
  • EYCSTT Teachers’ Toolkit with pro-tips to teach somatics.
  • 15 hours of specialized modules.
  • 5 hours of EYCS classes for you to use as blueprints for your own unique classes.
  • 4 full-length Go-Deeper Booster Workshops to elevate your teaching skills.
  • 3 Live Q&A sessions with students from around the world engaging in real-time conversation with Alyson.
  • 2 full-length Power Flow and Yoga + HIIT classes that demonstrate how I use my EYCS tools. Enjoy my signature sweaty workouts with sweet release!
  • The EYCSTT certification enables you to use these elements in your classes or teach full-length classes in this style. Include in your bio,“Certified Yoga Somatics Teacher with Alyson Wish”.


Teach core embodiment on all levels.

Near to my heart, this training culminates two decades of experience in somatics. I can attest, you will make a difference in the lives of every student you rock n roll with!

Get Sensitive to Get Strong.

 Much Love, Alyson


What students say about EYCTT:


“I loved taking Alyson’s EYC Training and would definitely recommend it to others. Her classes were filled with practical information of how and why different movements help regulate the nervous system, lots of time to embody the practice, and a friendly, easy-going atmosphere that was very welcoming. In addition, the classes gave room for processing and integrating material on a mental and physical level which I greatly appreciated.”

– Nina


Creative, intuitive and brilliant, Alyson is committed to her students. She shares her passion with teachings that are guided by a deep knowledge of anatomy and spirituality. She knows how to create a healthy and positive environment to evolve, be challenged, and grow through intelligent yoga practices. In my first CSV Yoga® classes with Alyson, I was inspired by her generosity and her light.

– Patricia


I chose the EYC Training to learn how to listen to my body, slow down, and take care of myself. Linking physical and emotional sensations in movement has been an integral part of my journey to the core! I now feel confident passing on this information to my students. Alyson is an incredible teacher, and a generous, genuine person. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years with many teachers, and she is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had. I keep returning to her trainings because of her expertise, in-depth anatomy knowledge, and her undeniable love of movement and yoga. Thank you, Alyson!

– Gen


The EYC Training allowed me to deepen my relationship between movement, breath, and the body, and added a “sensitivity” to my introspection. Alyson uses constructive dialogue to transmit knowledge which greatly serves me in my day-to-day life. Thank you, Alyson, for sharing and for all the little seeds that you have planted.

– Anne-Marie


Meet your teacher:

Alyson is a somatic guide, a vinyasa wizardess with a creative spark for sweaty, dynamic-stretch sequences, and a diehard self-myofascial release rock n roller who believes everybody “kneads” a daily roll out. Master trainer for Sadie Nardini, founder of CSV Yoga® and Yoga Shred®, she weaves her knowledge and expertise from various disciplines into her Yoga Alliance registered school and specialized continuing education courses.

Rockstar Advanced-2