Myofascial Release for Pregnancy Teacher Training (5hr)

The ultimate self-care practice during pregnancy!

Myofacial Release For Pregnancy

The Myofascial Release for Pregnancy Teacher Training will help you relieve stress and ease tension with myofascial release.

  • Are you a pregnancy yoga teacher looking for some extra tools and techniques to weave into your classes and make them extra special whilst helping your students find relief from discomfort during pregnancy?
  • Are you pregnant and feeling sore, achy and in need of some TLC?

These simple myofascial release techniques help to ease tension and gently bring relief to many common complaints experienced during pregnancy. They work as the perfect preventative too and feel so good to practice.

Here’ what you’ll discover in this course:

    • Lifetime access. Do the course in your own timing; return time and time again when needed
    • Fascia Anatomy 101
    • Contraindications & Problem-Solving
    • Myofascial Release Techniques
    • Considerations through the Trimesters
    • Lower Body Release
    • Upper Body Bliss
    • Thoracic Release
    • Core Connection & Breath
    • Healing Hands
    • Fabulous Face
    • Common Complaints & Quick Fixes

Lifetime Access


“I was at the point in my pregnancy where no amount of yoga, stretching or hands-on massages seemed to help find those awkward and sometimes painful areas of tension. You just can’t move or stretch the same way in pregnancy and the discomfort feels inevitable! Exploring myofascial release techniques was like instant relief! Here I bring you the techniques, tools and tips that helped me so much! So gentle and so powerful, it just feels amazing!

– Anya


Your guide for this course is Anya Hawkes, Sadie’s Certified Master Trainer and Senior CSV Teachers & Pregnancy expert. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to this course – in pregnancy, women’s health, anatomy, and yoga teaching.

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Lifetime Access