8 Lessons / with Judy Heany

Find your core and master the foundations for a powerful Pilates Practice. Build a stronger, more flexible, mobile body for life!


Step by step instructions to learn the basics!

Top level instructor with over 20 years experience

Learn the most important fundamental pieces for building a powerful & effective Pilates practice

What it is:

5 videos sharing the most important fundamental pieces for building a powerful & effective Pilates practice and 3 videos focusing on Pilates Mat workouts of increasing intensity. 

Step by step instructions:

In every session Judy will guide you through each step and you can do each video as many times as you like before moving forward. Practice how to Breathe, Learn how to find neutral spine, explore fundamentals and then when you are ready we dive into the classic exercises created by Joseph Pilates to improve your posture, reduce strain, stress and tension, and build deep core strength.

Advanced Beginner Pilates Mat & Intermediate Pilates Mat practices

Additional challenges to build more strength. Judy recommend repeating the Advanced Beginner until you’ve mastered all the exercises, then move on to the Intermediate practice.

I want this course!


What’s included:

All 8 Pilates Sessions, on high quality, fast-streaming video

Top level instruction from one of the best pilates teachers out there

What you need to take this course:

All levels, from beginner to more experienced practitioners are welcome. Dave meets you right where you are!

Yoga mat


With consistency, you will see and feel a difference. Practice a minimum of twice weekly for a slower progression and up to 5 days a week to experience changes more quickly. As Joe said, after 10 sessions you will feel a difference, at 20 your will see a difference, at 30 you will have a completely different mind/body connection.


I feel so much stronger and confident after taking this course. When I take pilates in class I feel a new connection to my body after learning the foundation of this practice. 

– Mary

Judy is a fantastic instructor. I love her cueing and it’s very easy to follow! Thank you for creating this course 

– Anne

Finally I feel connected to my core muscles! This course have completely changed the way I practice and I’m getting a ton more out of each class now that I actually feel like I know what I’m doing!

– Sandra

Meet your teacher:


Hi, I’m Judy!

I have helped thousands of students to get connected, ditch pain, and find deep core strength with Pilates. I humbly became a beginner again myself using these exercises to recover strength after multiple abdominal surgeries included 2 c-sections. Pilates Basics will start you on your way too to finding a stronger, more flexible, mobile body for life!

My training includes certifications with Balance Body, the Pilates Method Alliance, Scolio Pilates, and currently Pilates for Active Aging with Body Harmonics.

I live in Cape May, New Jersey where I also own the studio Balans Cape May a Pilates and Yoga Studio. I have 2 kids and a dog named Ben.