Great for singers, teachers, speakers, presenters and anyone who wants to express themselves more authentically.

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A fresh new take on finding—and Rocking Your Voice.

With Sadie Nardini, Isaac & Thor Koren.

We are Sadie, Isaac and Thor, three actual working musicians, wellness guides and yogis who have played and presented on some of the biggest stages in the world. We’ve all gone from unsure of our power and sharing our truth, or “voice”, to using our voices—through singing, motivating others, speaking our truths, and making our vulnerability into our power in our own unique ways.

Whether you sing or not, you can use this course to go on the same transformative quest within yourself, with us. We will help guide you to tune up your body, free your energy and authenticity, and become more totally yourself at your core…and out into your world.

We learned to rock who we are—and we want you to rock who you are, too, on all levels.

Who is this course good for?

  • Singers who want new tools, or who lack full confidence, want fresh practices to strengthen and open your voice—and who want to become a full-body instrument that rivets people on command.
  • Yoga or wellness teachers who want to support your voice better while teaching, sing the OM or chants well, and attract more students with your gravity and magnetism.
  • People who are not singers (except maybe in the shower and the car), but you want some physical and spiritual practices to help you get crystal-clear about how to more fully know and express your truth for less stress and more authenticity & empowerment in your own daily life.
  • Creatives of any kind who wish to amplify and work with their creative force even more—and learn to activate it whenever needed.
  • Anyone who wants more good energy, more vitality, a strong, mobile body and a strong sense of Self.

If you want to take this path with us, then we invite you to join us..for a fun, physical-energetic-spiritual journey to unblock and unlock your most resonant, magnetic YOU.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

During this course, you’ll move through a 21 Day Journey (do it in 21 days or take your time). Each day is designed to get you breathing, moving and expressing yourself powerfully with a theme, and then practices to help you experience it.

We offer you:

  • 21 Daily Rock Your Voice Inspirations: motivations on a theme that you’ll need to fight fear, and come back home to the full experience of being who you were put on this earth to be—and express.
  • Rock Your Yoga Classes: 20-25 minute Slow Flows built to ground you and help you find your voice through yoga asanas, or poses designed specifically for you.
  • Rock Your Voice Rituals: Simple, effective meditations with mantras (conscious sounds), mudras (conscious hand positions) and earth-based stones, fire, and more, that will amazingly help to unleash and move bad mojo out of your body and life, and welcome all the good vibes (and literal voice vibrations) back to your moment.
  • Rock Your Breathing Techniques: We help strengthen and open your muscles, and train you all about your options for how to move energy, sound and support/resonance more effortlessly.
  • Rock Your Voice Rockstar Sessions: Techniques from your instructors, who have all performed in front of huge audiences, to teach you how they prepare themselves—and you can, too, whether you’re on a music stage, you teach yoga, or you step onto the stage of life, approaching all the important conversations, choices and agreements you make daily!
  • …and more!

Get ready to set sail with us on the journey of a lifetime—which you will continue to use for a lifetime. Let’s rock it together!

Great for singers, teachers, speakers, presenters and anyone who wants to express themselves more authentically.

We’ll be there to guide and support you on this journey with:

  • 21 Daily themed inspirations/motivations to help you bust through fear and anxiety
  • 20-25 minute Yoga Slow Flows to ground you and help you find your voice
  • Simple, effective rituals and meditations to help with proper energy flow
  • Breathing exercises to help strengthen your muscles and support resonance
  • Tried and true techniques from your instructors for preparing yourself to step onto the stage of life
  • …and more!

What People Are Saying

“Quantum leap are the two words that best describe my life changing experience with [Isaac and Thor]. Within a number of months I transformed from being a guy who ‘wanted to be a singer’ into a full-fledged recording artist with a product that rivals a major label release.”

“What I feel is that this isn’t about claiming my voice, it’s about claiming my LIFE.”

“[The Journey] took me from someone who’s true voice might’ve forever remained trapped inside her to a singer and songwriter who can now call herself an artist.”

Meet your teachers:

Sadie Nardini is a world-renowned yoga, fitness and empowerment leader who has appeared at the top levels of international teaching. Her TV show, Rock Your Yoga, is on the Z Living Network worldwide. Sadie is one of the leading online course creators in the world, helping people everywhere transform from home. She is the lead singer for Sadie & The Tribe, and is debuting her album in 2019 on stages across America.  

Isaac & Thor Koren: The Brothers Koren of The Kin and Bråves have traveled the world many times over both as headliners and touring alongside artists like Coldplay, PINK, Bon Jovi, and Rod Stewart. Through their ‘Songwriter’s Journey’, the brothers use their experience to help others uncover, hone, and cultivate their own authentic creative expression in the world through Song. 

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