Somatic Flexibility Sessions




Find out why common static stretching doesn’t do what most people thought it did, and how to actually improve your flexibility, faster, by re-training your muscles in a surprising new way!

Did you know that stretching can actually make tight muscles worse, and cause weakness and strain?

And that you can finally release years of built up muscle and emotional tension, reclaim your body’s fullest range of motion – all without stretching!

The Somatic Flexibility Technique (SFT) in an incredibly gentle way to work from and remove the source of tension – the brain, not the muscles. It takes only seconds – and you’ll feel a difference almost instantly!

The way this muscle release works might not be what you think:

For years, in yoga, we were taught that static stretching, or holding stretches for more than 30 seconds, was the path to long, limber muscles and the key to all those bendy poses on Instagram.

And yet many of you are here because you’re either still frustratingly tight after all these years and classes, or you’re noticing joint pain and even injury – or both! Even if you just want to learn a more gentle way to move and relax, static stretching simply isn’t the way.

I know – I did it for over 20 years, and nothing has worked as well as a few minutes of the simplest, most subtle somatic (body-mind connected) movement.

Please watch the video above for more information on why stretching doesn’t work, as well as read on to see all that you’ll get here in this course!

In this program, you’ll unlock forever access to 16 exclusive Somatic Flexibility Sequences, which are all between 5-10 minutes so you can easily fit one or more into your day as needed!

The Somatic Flexibility Sessions include:

Session 1: Arches, Ankles, and Calves Release

Session 2: Inner Thigh and Hip Release

Session 3: Hamstrings Release

Session 4: Quads and Hip Flexors Release

Session 5: Hamstrings and Glutes Release

Session 6: Hip Flexor and Pelvis Release

Session 7: Glutes, Low Back, and Hamstrings Release

Session 8: Side Low Back QL Release

Session 9: Side Body Hips and Glutes Release

Session 10: Side Body Release

Session 11: Chest and Biceps Release

Session 12: Upper Back and Triceps Release

Session 13: More Upper Back and Triceps Release

Session 14: Side Neck and Shoulder Release

Session 15: Jaw and Neck to Shoulder Release

Session 16: Back of Neck and Shoulders Release

These sessions are fun, simple, and empowering, and best of all – they work powerfully to do what all the static stretches in the world will be unlikely to: create real, lasting flexibility and relaxation for you.

Do one or more of these fully guided sequences after a yoga class, or any time you want to deeply, and more permanently, release certain areas.

I know you’re going to love these incredible – and incredibly nurturing – sequences, and the whole body freedom and stress relief they bring!

See you on the mat!

What actual students say about Sadie’s sessions:

“I’ve been hammering at my hamstrings for years, in forward bend after forward bend, and they’re still like cement! In fact, all I got for my trouble and time are two inflamed sitting bone attachments and a whole lot of regret. Sadie, your course gave me immediate results, and I swear, after the first session (10 minutes!!) I could nearly touch my toes without pain. I haven’t done that in, maybe ever! I can see this gentle magic style will be great for me, even as I heal from my (stupid stretching!) injuries.” 



“” I am an older lady, and after a fall about 4 years ago I have become less and less mobile. Recently I have become a lot stiffer and bending is painful. After this course I can now put my shoes on without help and I can bend to cut my own toenails. These sound like small things, I know but they are really big for me. I will be repeating the course – it has made so much difference.”



“This is some mind-blowing, revolutionary stuff!”



“It’s unbelievable the difference this one course has made in my forever tight hamstrings. psoas, low back and shoulders. In moments I can let go of tension I thought was hardwired into my body after all these years. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this genius style to the world – and to me!”



Meet your teacher:

A lifelong yoga and fitness teacher, and a total anatomy nerd.

I’m Harvard – certified in anatomy, Stanford-certified in exercise physiology, the founder of The Somatic Flexibility Technique®, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a joint-safer HIIT + Yoga fitness style .

After a severe spinal injury in my teens, I made it my mission to empower people of all ages and abilities to find their physical and emotional strength, resilience and freedom again.

I am a digital wellness instruction course creator, leader of the Fit & Fierce Club online Yoga & Yoga Shred HIIT studio, the lead singer in my band Sadie & The Tribe – and proud mom of three kitties, Bowie, Freddie, and Annie!

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