Somatic Flexibility Sessions

16 Lessons / with Sadie Nardini

Somatic exercises to help you release and relax!


An exclusive no-stretch flexibility technique you’ll only find here!

Gently and easily release years of built up muscle pain and tension, and reclaim your body’s fullest range of motion – all without stretching.

Fun, simple, and empowering sessions that powerfully to do what all the static stretches in the world will be unlikely to: create real, lasting flexibility and relaxation.

What it is:

Retrain Your Brain As You Relax and Get Flexible!

Each session targets a common area of tension like lower back, hip flexors, hamstrings. You’ll experience immediate relief as you tell your brain to keep your muscles more relaxed 24/7!

Release Years of Tension in Around 5 Minutes!

These Somatic sessions are highly effective – and short, each just 5-10 minutes long – you can focus on one, or do more to release multiple areas in less time than it takes to watch an episode on TV.

The Benefits Go Beyond Flexibility

Each Somatic session will make you more flexible and increase a limited range of motion, but you’ll also reduce cortisol so your workouts work better and you sleep and digest better too! 

I want this course!


What’s included:

16 Guided Video Somatic Flexibility Sessions 

Sadie leads you through 16 easy, restorative sessions that each target one area of pain, tightness and potential limitation, like Inner Thigh & Hip Release, Deep Spinal Core Release, Low Back/Sacrum Release, and more.

A Whole Body Reset

After completing all the sessions, you’ll have created a full body release state that you can build on as you have the tools to dissolve tension before it builds up and becomes a problem. You will feel amazing after just one session. Watch how good you feel after 16!

Great for Any Level

The 16 sessions don’t require any working out, and you can use them before, during, or after any yoga class or workout – or just on their own.

What you need to take this course:

A yoga mat, a blanket, and 2 yoga blocks recommended. 

The way this muscle release works might not be what you think:

For years, in yoga, we were taught that static stretching, or holding stretches for more than 30 seconds, was the path to long, limber muscles and the key to all those bendy poses on Instagram.

And yet many of you are here because you’re either still frustratingly tight after all these years and classes, or you’re noticing joint pain and even injury – or both! 

Even if you just want to learn a more gentle way to move and relax, static stretching simply isn’t the way.

Stretch science now knows that static stretching, or pulling on your muscles and joints, simply don’t create safe flexibility – and can cause more tightness and pain! The science also says that we don’t need to stretch – we need to massage, strengthen, and release muscle tension, and train the brain to keep it that way.

You’ll be shocked to find that this subtle somatic (body-mind connected) movement works better in a few minutes than all the static stretching ever could. 


Sadie plus exercise science for the win! I feel amazing, and the short sessions make it a breeze to motivate and get in the movement. HIGHLY recommend these two programs. They are innovative and creative – and they work!!

– Holly

The fact that I can get stronger and stretchier in under 20 minutes a day blows my mind – but it’s happening! All my strength plateaus – busted!! And I can touch my toes after 15 years of trying – not kidding. This stuff works, people – and it’s fun, too!

– Josie

Did one of each class (a fierce one, then a chill one) most days this week – and it’s unbelievable how much stronger and more flexible my body is already! This is some straight up magic, I think – because I’ve been doing a longer yoga and weight routine for years – and I’ve never felt – or looked – like this! Thank you!!

– Angela

Meet your teacher:

Sadie headshot 2023

Hi, I’m Sadie – After a severe spinal injury in my teens, I made it my mission to empower people of all ages and abilities to find their physical and emotional strength, resilience and freedom again. 

I’m a lifelong yoga and fitness teacher, and a total anatomy nerd. I’m Harvard – certified in anatomy,  Stanford-certified in exercise physiology, the founder of  The Somatic Flexibility Technique®, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a joint-safer HIIT + Yoga fitness style .  

I live in Santa Barbara, California – and proud mom of three kitties, Bowie, Freddie, and Annie!