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Yoga Make-Over

Somatic Mobility Drills are an evolutionary Somatic Fitness approach to traditional vinyasa practices.

  • Drills are highly effective mini-sequences that combine dynamic exercises, contract/relax activations, and advanced stretch techniques.
  • Increase range of motion without “stretching”. Gain lean muscle mass using your own body weight.
  • An excellent workout on its own, SMD integrates into any yoga style you love.

Bust Yoga Plateaus

Yoga Lovers & Yoga Teachers! Revamp your practice– in four weeks.

  • Strengthen weak areas, release tight zones, and rewire habitual muscle activations.
  • Feel the sweat n’ burn and cardio boost while increasing strength and flexibility… two elements vital for the longevity of your practice.

What The “Hack” Is About:

Somatic Mobility Drills hack the Mind-Muscle feedback loop: Specially designed mini-sequences Deconstruct muscle responses in order to Reconstruct your nervous system’s reactions to those responses for improved strength and flexibility.

Put Your Mind Into Your Muscle: Repetition of a movement pattern is scientifically proven to enhance body awareness and performance.

Spark the Stretch Reflex: Lengthen and tone muscles.

Alchemize Nervous System Function: Hack the somatic nervous system to work for—instead of against, your optimal strength and flexibility.

Boost Your Skills With Somatic Mobility Drills

Boost your Skills with Somatic Mobility Drills
  • Yoga Lovers – Gain lasting strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga Teachers – Gain 6 Contact Hours with Yoga Alliance.



Hit the mat with me twice a week for one shorter Mini-Drills Class, and one full-length SMD Fusion Flow for four weeks.
  • 4X Mini-Drills: 10 mins to 28 mins each.
  • 4X SMD Fusion Flows: 65 mins to 75 mins each.


THEORY: 1-Hour

Retrain Your Brain Anatomy Quickies

  • Hack Power
  • Intro to Types of Contractions
  • Intro to Somatic VS Autonomic Nervous Systems
  • SMD Immersion Manual (downloadable 17 pages)


IMMERSION BONUS for Yogis & Teachers!

Exclusive access to 26 Signature Drills

  • 26 Drills Reference Library with Target Muscle Groups
  • Use the Drills every time you hit the mat
  • Begin to incorporate Mini-Drills into group classes



  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • SMD Immersion Certificate of Completion.
  • 6 Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance.
  • By completing the Yoga Hacks-Immersion, you are halfway to being a Certified SMD Level I Teacher!

What people are saying:

The Drills have made my body feel so much better. I no longer suffer from back and hip pain when I add these sequences to my practice. And it helps my students too. They love it! Can’t wait to teach them more Yoga Hacks.
~ Christine, 59


What a sweaty workout! These sequences are incredible for strength building, I have more toned, lean muscles. And the flexibility gains are fantastic. Such a fun four-week yoga make-over.
~ Chantale, 38


This immersion gave me lots of new skills to easily combine into my yoga classes. The Bonus Reference Library of 26 Signature Drills is an amazing resource for teachers who want to offer safe and effective strength and flexibility training.

~ Marie-Ève, 42




Coming in 2023…

Let’s transform together

Somatic Mobility Drills emerged from my personal healing journey with injury and chronic pain. After fine-tuning this approach for a decade, and seeing how students benefit from Yoga Hacks… it’s time to share it with you too.
LEVEL I: Somatic Mobility Drills Teacher Training

Learn Drills Teaching Skills to confidently guide students in safe, effective, training in flexibility and strength for yoga practices

  • The Complete Drills Library Of 70+ Sequences
  • My signature SMD Fusion Flow Sequencing Template
  • Guide to Teaching Drills, Yoga Reps & Sets
  • Anatomy Quickies to deepen your knowledge
  • …and more
It’s EPIC.

Meet your teacher:

Alyson is a somatic guide, a vinyasa wizardess with a creative spark for sweaty, dynamic-stretch sequences, and a diehard self-myofascial release rock n roller who believes everybody “kneads” a daily roll out. Master trainer for Sadie Nardini, founder of CSV Yoga® and Yoga Shred®, she weaves her knowledge and expertise from various disciplines into her Yoga Alliance registered school and specialized continuing education courses.

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