The Magic Of Myofascial Release

40 Lessons / with Anya Hawkes

Weave some myofascial magic into your practice and classes and experience transformation with the ultimate feel-good factor!
Release stress & tension, improve joint mobility, increase flexibility and enhance the intelligent preparations and recovery from your yoga or movement practice.


Release common areas of tension in your body.

Learn techniques that improves joint health & mobility

Enhance intelligent preparations and recovery from your yoga or movement practice.

What it is:

Yoga Practices

Varied yoga practices to show how to integrate these myofacial release techniques, including Flow Yoga, Restorative, Yin and Yoga Shred


Different techniqes for deep relief in common areas of tension, like hips, shoulders, neck, jaw and glutes

Bonus Library of Classes

Over 20 bonus classes with Anya

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What’s included:

40 lessons

Yoga Practices that incorporates Myofascial Release for: Backbends & ‘Heart Openers’, Forward Folds, Standing Balances, Twists, Side Bends and Hip ‘Opening’

Guided videos that teaches you different techniques and metods to release tension

Yoga Teachers

Teachers can gain 20hrs of CECs with this course!

What you need to take this course:


Navaris Lacrosse Massage Balls Set – Myofascial Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy for Back Legs Neck – Foot Roller Trigger Points Firm Spheres – Pack of 2

Or these (more expensive) 

Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls for Joint and Muscle Pain Relief | Relieves Knots, Aches, Pains and Tension

Please have a yoga mat, bolster, blankets

Anya - Magic of Myofacial Release

Does tension or immobility prevent you from fully enjoying your yoga practice?

Do you wish there was something else you could add to your yoga classes to help your students feel more at ease in their practice?

This used to be me, (being a naturally inflexible yogi!) I used to warm up so much just to be comfortable in many of the poses.

Now sprinkling these techniques into my practice is like a short-cut to comfort and ease, space and freedom and some really incredible FEEL GOOD moments.

All of my classes, of any style now include some myofascial release, easing away tension before a restorative pose, creating space and freedom before a yin pose, preparing myofascia to fire-up optimally before a dynamic practice or as a totally divine moment of surrender at the end of any class!


The release I got from some of these techniques in my lower back was unbelievable, it’s a problematic area for me and this has been life-changing! 

– Hannah

I can’t explain how much more I enjoy my practice now!  Thank you myofascial release and Anya!

– Clair

Amazing course! I’m adding some of this into my classes and students love it

– Tessa

Meet your teacher:

Anya Photo

Anya Hawkes offers 200/300hr YTTs, Further Training in Yoga Shred®, Prenatal Yoga, Yin, Restorative & Meditation.  She’s passionate about supporting yoga teachers to their next level, educating in anatomy and movement that is intertwined with consciousness, spirit and intention. Myofasical Release has been like a magic wand for Anya in her personal practice and she weaves this into all of her offerings.