Jumpstart Your Practice On The Mat!

These are short, highly effective yoga & workouts for busy people that give you the exact same strength, fitness, cardio, and whole body tune up as much longer classes. You can do it anytime to gain epic strength, energy, stamina, and get a whole body reset – in just 15-20 minute sessions!

So why work out longer – when you can work out smarter?

Reclaim your strong body, motivation, and move into 2023 as your true warrior nature.


Note: The sister course to this one is The Yoga Chillout. It contains 15 – 20 min sessions including: slow flow yoga, somatic release, and total restore and stretch (plus a lot more)

Order BOTH courses for just $80 — Save $20 on the bundle! 

In this course, you’ll get:

Practices that lovingly challenge you, build strength, muscle definition and cardio power, and use proven scientific techniques to get you next-level fit, energized, and empowered – in less time!

Classes Include:

3 x 15 Minute Strong Core Strength Flow Yoga Sessions for Empowered Endurance:


Warrior Nature Flow for Feet, Ankle, Leg, Thigh and Glutes Strength & Balance

Body Is A Temple Flow for Upper Body, Arms & Core Strength & Expression

Core Confidence Flow for A Strong Deep Core Body & Abs


3 x 15 Minute Yoga Shred High Integrity Interval Training (HIIT) for Muscle Sculpt, Cardio & Calorie Burn:


Be The Warrior Shred for Low Body Sculpt & Cardio

Temple Fire Shred for Epic Arm, Chest & Upper Back Strength & Definition

Empower Your Core for a Strong, Open, Deep Core and Abs


3 x 15 Minute Yoga/Shred Fusion Flows for A Whole Body Workout:


The Fierce Flow for Cardio Sweat

Kickin’ Asana Flow for Stress Release & Stamina

A Whole New World Flow for A Total Body Strength Transformation

The Bonuses:


30 Minute Workout / Chillout Session for Warrior Strength & Hip Tension Melt

An Instant Confidence & Energy-Boosting Breath Meditation

A Binaural Beats Sound Meditation for Motivation & Clarity

What people are saying:


I did one of each class (a fierce one, then a chill one) most days this week – and it’s unbelievable how much stronger and more flexible my body is already! This is some straight up magic, I think – because I’ve been doing a longer yoga and weight routine for years – and I’ve never felt – or looked – like this! Thank you!!


Sadie, after a few sessions of your programs, I can already see my triceps (been trying to reveal them for a loooonng time) and I don’t feel my nagging lower back pain! You’re a miracle worker!


The fact that I can get stronger and stretchier in under 20 minutes a day blows my mind – but it’s happening! All my strength plateaus – busted!! And I can touch my toes after 15 years of trying – not kidding. This stuff works, people – and it’s fun, too!


Sadie plus exercise science for the win! I feel amazing, and the short sessions make it a breeze to motivate and get in the movement. HIGHLY recommend these two programs. They are innovative and creative – and they work!!


Grab this course by itself – or get the bundle! Both courses are incredible – and incredibly efficient!

You can keep them and have unlimited access forever. This is a precious resource for when you get busy, and yet want to keep steadily evolving your fitness, yoga, and flexibility. There’s no better time than now to get back on track in a whole – and holistic – new way!

See you on the mat,

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