Core Strength Anatomy Teacher Training

Demystify and simplify core strength anatomy and learn more effective cues — for yoga teachers!

Great For Fitness/Movement Trainers Too!
This course counts for 10 CECs through Yoga Alliance US/UK and CanFitPro

Yoga Teachers: The “core” is much more than you think!

As I’ve traveled across the world leading anatomy trainings, yoga and fitness workshops for instructors of all kinds, even studio owners, one thing always strikes me: Nearly all of them have a too-basic understanding of the core—or they don’t understand it correctly at all.

This leads to common instructions like, “tuck your tailbone”, “navel to spine”, “twist from your belly”, “twist from your hips”, “hug in your core!” —all of which can actually cause pain and injury to the student.

I get it—anatomy is very hard to translate from medical pictures in teacher training manuals into actual moving bodies with clear cues that keep your classes flowing.

When you have a firm grasp on the full picture of the core body, and how to instruct students into their best, strongest and most centered poses, in the right order, every time, they will feel infinitely more empowered and joint-safer in your classes, and they will flock back to you for more.

For example, did you know, the “core” is actually 4 distinct parts, and those 4 parts also need to work together as a whole?

And that the whole core must be cued and activated in a certain order—one that’s different for different types of movement, in order to keep your students safer and more powerful in each pose?

But this knowledge doesn’t have to overwhelm you. In fact, in this training, we’ll make it very clear and easy for you to teach from the crucial core —with confidence!

With this pro course, I’ll simplify core strength and spinal anatomy for you in ways you can understand, and instantly apply within your real world classes, to become a more sought-after teacher with an edge.

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Specifically, here’s what you’ll get in this training:

  • Lifetime access. Do the course in your own timing; there is no time limit to complete.
  • 10 Hours of video-led information you can instantly use to boost your teaching, including:
  • What Is The Core? A brand new perspective on what the core —and core strength—actually is.
  • Core Anatomy Overview
  • Spinal Anatomy Overview
  • Spinal ROM (range of motion) and Core Muscle Activation Blueprint
  • Flow Classes To Experience Each ROM And Core Cueing For Yourself!
  • New Sequencing Inspiration For Fresh, More Core-Focused Classes
  • Core Cues To Shift From Older, Less Optimal Core Instructions To The New
  • A Pose Library —40+ Single Asana Anatomy Breakdowns, Each Also Taught In Real Time From The Core—An Indispensable Resource For Any Yoga Teacher!
  • Specialty Sections: Supplemental Training On Core Movement For: Pregnancy, Restorative, Pilates & Deep Core Myofascial Massage

Your teachers:

Your guides for this journey are me, Sadie Nardini, Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, The Yoga Shred, And The Anatomy Of Movement. Joining me are my Certified Master Trainers from all over the world: Karin Thyr Eriksson (Sweden), Anya Hawkes (UK), Judy Heany (USA), and Alyson Wish (Canada). They will offer you fresh perspectives and specialties from their vast experience leading teacher trainings and working with teachers everywhere.

⭐️We hope to see you in this course. A core revolution awaits!⭐️
Sadie & Team


Lifetime Access

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