We are super exited to see you move forward and share your new skills with your students.

With your Yoga Shred® Certifications, you can: 

* Call yourself a Yoga Shred® Certified Teacher.

* Use the logo and call your classes Yoga Shred® 

* Teach in-person public student-based classes in the style. 

* Teach in-person, student-based workshops in the style. 

* Teach private in – person classes

* Make short free videos using the name Yoga Shred® or hashtag #YogaShred online. Videos should be less than 10 minutes, and we encourage single poses for certain benefits or mini sequences they can add to a practice.

* Teach live classes online (note: ONLY live classes) you can not tape these classes and sell as a course or single classes.

With your Yoga Shred® Certification, you are prohibited from*: 

* Leading Yoga Shred® teacher trainings of any length or kind in the style. 

* Posting full-length (free or monetized) single Yoga Shred® videos online that are longer than 10 minutes. 

* Making monetized or free online courses or subscription channels with Yoga Shred® workouts in them 

* If you feel you have an exception, please write us at Info@FitFierceClub.com and we will consider it! 

*If you would like to submit to become a Yoga Shred® Master Trainer, which consists of a 5 day in-person training event with Sadie and her master trainers, let us know at Info@FitFierceClub.com and we will add you to the list to be notified when in person trainings are available. 

Posting or teaching Yoga Shred® classes in ways that are outside the approved parameters will result in a revocation of your certification and ability to use the name. But we honor you and want this online training to serve you best to help you promote and fill your in-person classes! 

If you are unsure or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask.