Yoga for Men Over 40

10 Lessons / with Dave Porter

Build strength & flexibility with our yoga for men program created by CorePower Yoga founder Dave Porter -specifically for men over 40!



Men – Learn yoga the right way for your body!

Build strength, stamina and endurance.

Gain flexibility & focus for a healthier, stress-reduced life.

What it is:

10 all-levels yoga sessions, about 20 minutes each sequenced in the order of a “typical” full-length class.

Each session is a mini, full-body flow class designed for men (and anyone looking to refine their practice and build good habits) to help you age more gracefully.

We work through the whole body in a non-intimidating safe, slow and accessible way. You get to work at your own pace for your body type as we build awareness, strength and flexibility.

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What’s included:

All 10 Yoga Sessions, on high quality, fast-streaming video

Props / Variations video

Top level instruction from one of the world’s best male yoga teachers!

What you need to take this course:

All levels, from beginner to more experienced practitioners are welcome. Dave meets you right where you are!

Please have a yoga mat and one yoga block or cushion.


Men’s bodies are different to women’s bodies. They are generally less flexible, move in different ways and have different needs. They are often tighter overall with more muscular shoulders and tighter hamstrings. A history or working out in gyms, playing a lot of sports and getting injured means that we, as men, need to create a more accessible way to get into our yoga practice, as a consistent yoga has many amazing health benefits, including making us feel better overall, and helping us age more gracefully.

Men often need specific instructions and practices to optimize their yoga practice, and it can be very helpful to have a male instructor who understands their challenges and can guide them safely on their yoga journey.

As men age, issues often arise like weight gain, back pain, reduced flexibility and strength and lack of focus. Many of these issues can be helped and even reversed through a regular yoga practice.

Get ready for a simple, efficient and highly effective yoga solution!


Finally a course for us guys. Its really hard to find a yoga course that targets men specifically. Search no more – get this one

– James

I’m loving every minute of this course. Dave is a fantastic instructor and I’m really noticing the results after just a few sessions.

– Pete

I always felt intimidated going to yoga class with mostly women or strong, flexible men. Dave’s classes have given me both confidence, flexibility and strength!

– Christopher

Meet your teacher:


Dave’s yoga journey began over twenty years in San Francisco, California. Working as a tech recruiter at the time, he would go on to leave the tech world behind to become one of the co-founders of CorePower Yoga. Together with the late Trevor Tice, Dave helped the dream of making yoga accessible to the masses come true by building his dynamic classes from one practitioner to one hundred, and by creating and expanding the CorePower Yoga brand from its humble roots and first studio in Denver, Colorado.

Dave was the lead teacher trainer at CorePower yoga for many years and has shaped hundreds of deep-hearted and soulful yoga teachers. After spending his early teaching years building the foundation of what is now the largest national chain of yoga studios, Dave left CorePower Yoga to travel the world and explore yoga off the mat. Feeling called to return to his roots, Dave’s yoga teaching journey recommenced in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010 when he was the co-founder and owner of YogaLife. True to Dave’s record of building a robust following, YogaLife quickly became a beloved sanctuary for many Capetonians and international travelers alike who found their way to the beautiful Mother City. He operated YogaLife with every bit of his soul for ten years before selling it in 2019. Dave has since returned to the USA and his yoga journey has come full circle as he now teaches back at CorePower Yoga in Santa Barbara, California.

Dave’s classes are known for their intensity, soulfulness and rigor. Dave as a teacher is known as someone who packs the yoga room, offering a balance of challenge and support on the mat, guiding you to your heart through your own sweat and tears. If Dave were to consolidate his love for yoga down to one word, it would be “community.” Dave offers a depth of insight on the business of yoga and wisdom into the energy required to cultivate a stellar yoga sangha.