3 Revolutionary Yoga Teacher Training Booster Courses in one for any yoga style instructor. Rise and shine as the yoga teacher you were born to be with cutting edge anatomy knowledge, class-building techniques, joint-safer cueing and class-filling marketing skills!



There are four areas most yoga teachers don’t learn enough of in their original teacher trainings, and they are the reason their classes don’t build, and they can’t seem to maintain consistent class numbers or create financial abundance. These areas are: 

Dynamic, myofascial movement anatomy – the way people’s bodies are built to move. Most TTs don’t know this information, and you’ll end up teaching more joint-straining classically, or with a partial medical anatomy perspective. 

Ordered cueing – when you learn about physics, gravity and myofascial meridians, you understand that your cues have to always go in a certain order, and within that, you create your own personal language style. These two together are almost never taught, and they make all the difference between a teacher, and a next level yoga leader.

Signature pro-quality sequencing that’s also consistent! Most teacher trainings touch on sequencing. But sequencing is a deeper concept, both an art and a science, that you need more development within to truly craft classes that attract students, and will fill your sessions every time. 

Automated Marketing that frees you to do what you do best – teach, not be a salesperson! A simple 3 step process will show students where your classes are, give you more engagement and financial boost – all while you’re off living your best life!


Watch the first video to learn the crucial 3 Pillars of Yoga Teacher Success that most yoga teachers don’t learn in their original TTs! with Sadie Nardini, E-RYT 500
The crucial 3 Pillars of Yoga Teacher Success
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The Anatomy of Yoga Flow

If you’re a yoga teacher and you want to fill your classes, make good money sharing your passion for yoga, feel confident that you’re keeping your students safer and making them stronger, and become a more sought-after teacher in your community and beyond – all without having to spend thousands of dollars on more education that doesn’t really give you any new results   – then read on! 

Book a call with one of our knowledgeable Master Trainers who can hear your unique journey & needs and help guide you to your specific success plan.


This whole training is online – you have forever access to all high quality video tutorials and a vibrant Facebook Group to

There is no timeline to complete the trainings, just do them in your own time, and apply the many jewels of knowledge you gain to your classes as you go.

You’ll gain years of fresh inspiration and creative, effective new poses and cues to offer your students to keep them engaging with you, and flocking back for more -forever.

In your original teacher trainings, we can tell you as founders of trainings ourselves, that creating 200 and even 300 hour curriculum is too short to tell you everything, and there’s so much to learn that these programs often only get to the foundations of how to teach poses, with some anatomy and sequencing – but oftensorely lack all the deeper and crucial building blocks! 

They don’t have time to fully show you how to grow your following and become a unique, dynamic, magnetic and knowledgeable yoga teacher out here in the real world.

Even instructors who have been teaching for a while often confide in me that they aren’t sure if they’re doing the right things to ensure their students’ joint safety in class. As anatomy experts, we can tell you – 90% of yoga teachers don’t know how to teach joint-safer, myofascially instead of classically, and over time, this can hurt – not help – your students. 

Others voice their frustration that they can’t seem to get enough students to class, consistently enough, to make a living doing what they love. They’re at the mercy of who decides to come to their classes, and they can’t count on an income from week to week.

If you’re passionate about yoga, and you’d love to bring more students to your sessions, every time, make them happier and cause them to come back to you again and again, and even be able to make a robust income from your classes, then enjoy a ton of free time to do whatever you want, whenever you want

…We have the secret sauce here – grab these epic post yoga TT booster trainings for any style instructor. We can help you create big classes and fulfill your dream of enjoying financial and professional success – teaching the yoga you were born to offer the world!


What you get in this bundle:


A revolutionary yoga teacher training for any style yoga instructor. Learn the Four Foundations of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-based flow style that will enhance your existing style with myofascial meridian cueing – the way your body is actually built to move.

This cutting edge anatomy cueing will immediately make your students stronger and safer and help you thrive as a teacher!.


This is your anatomy shortcut. The 7 Core Cues will revolutionize the way you teach starting today!

Your body isn’t built in parts, as regular anatomy study causes us to think – and teach. It’s a holistic river of interconnected muscles and fascia (myofascial meridians). When you learn to instruct through these instead, you’ll easily understand how to cue more safely and strongly- every time!

This training takes you deeper than the Four Foundations and gives you a next-level pro training in how to simplify and offer the most powerful, effective yoga teaching in real time. 


The core is much more than the abs, in fact, it runs through your whole body! This central, deep aspect of yoga movement is often misunderstood by yoga teachers!

This center-focused training will demystify and simplify core strength anatomy and help you re-order and discover more effective cues to empower your students optimally in every pose.


Grow your Instagram and Facebook audience and your sales by using a nearly effortless 3-step automated process. To help yoga teachers spend less time on social media and bring in more passive income and get more students to classes, we’ve created a bonus course for you.

Unlock Your Instagram Success: Master the 3-Step Automation Process to Skyrocket Your Growth and Boost Sales! If you’re already posting on Instagram, or are willing to learn – you can do this too! 


Join an exclusive and supportive community of Yoga Teachers & Instructors like you and ask questions from Sadie and her Master Yoga Trainers in our Facebook Group.


Start learning right now!

Automate Your Social Media
A Sun Salutation Revolution
What is CSV Yoga?



This is a training to give you all the exact new cues, authenticity and teacher clarity/confidence, next-level sequencing, and intentional class experience curation that will make your classes rise above the rest.

Most yoga teachers are less effective than they should be. They teach how they learned to teach, more like their instructors instead of themselves. They fall into ruts of the same poses, language and class sequences they always offer, and their classes feel stale, too similar, phoned in, and more like an interchangeable class with any other teacher in town. Learn to take them on an invigorating, deeper journey that they can only get from you!

This training shows you the step-by-step process you need to go through to become a true leader in your community instead of someone that doesn’t really stand out. 

When you do this, your sessions will be fun and energized, your teaching more inspired, students will look to you for guidance and seek out your next classes, workshops, and trainings – and you’ll develop a thriving and exciting yoga teaching lifestyle that you love.

More Training Details:

  • New Functional Myofascial and Deep Core Anatomy Tutorials in common yoga poses and our signature ones!.
  • New Cueing For Increased Strength & Safety.
  • Authenticity & Uniqueness Training to help you become more powerfully yourself in class.
  • Structured and Creative Sequencing Blueprint for pro-level class organization.
  • Modification and Joint Safety Training to support students who need additional care.
  • Learn how to cue the “Yoga of Physics”. How to access the The Ground Reaction Force through your deep core line.
  • Marketing & Social Media Mastery Training —to help you let more people know where you are!
  • Ethics Guidelines: Becoming The Teacher to elevate you as a class leader. 
  • Training Manuals for each section to keep and refer to anytime.

Gain Access To:

  • 40 CECs  through Yoga Alliance and a Certificate of Completion.
  • Ongoing inspiration to become a magnetic teacher who teaches your best ever classes…EVERY time!
  • Hours of mindfully instructed and creative yoga classes with Sadie and her master trainers to inspire and inform you.
  • A Pose Library to show you exactly how to transitionally cue all the most common yoga poses.
  • Sequencing Template to teach your best classes, every time.
  • Video tutorial guidance for each section.
  • Access to the Yoga for Life Facebook Group, thousands of members strong, where you can ask questions and get ongoing guidance from Sadie and her Master Trainers Karin, Alyson, Judy and Anya.


Myofascial Yoga Movement Training – This is a deeper dive into the 7 Core Cues Blueprint to instructing proper anatomy into static or flow yoga classes – every pose, every time. We’ve simplified it for you!

If you want to thrive as a teacher and ensure that you’re keeping your students the safest, while making them feel their strongest and most empowered in your classes – then you need to stop teaching statically, medically or classically – and make the easy shift to teaching myofascially.

We now know that the human body is not built in parts and pieces, but rather, in muscle and fascia meridians, or interconnected lines of strength, power, joint support and flexibility. If you’re not teaching through these meridians, and instead default to the way most of us were taught: classically, your students will eventually become joint-inflamed, bored, or leave for those who can give them more results and less strain.

(Hint: The cues for Warrior 1 and Pigeon Pose are huge knee-twisters and we need to modify these fast!)

This one 25 hour training will rock your world, make you more anatomy- knowledgeable without having to learn all the names of muscles and bones, give your students amazing strength and range of motion, and make you the most sought after teacher in your community!

More Training Details:

  • 25 CECs through Yoga Alliance.
  • How to cue every pose from an anatomy-solid base, every time – with this simple to understand blueprint!
  • What yoga cues can hurt students, and how to instantly switch them to safer ones.
  • The anatomy behind the 7 Core Cues and why they only work if you cue them in a specific order.
  • How to keep the flow going in class and still make sure your students are in their best alignment.
  • Cues that empower your students, build confidence and a positive self image built from true core strength.


What core strength is is often wildly misunderstood and mis-instructed, even by seasoned yoga teachers. 

If you want to move bodies on mats, you absolutely must be clear about exactly what the core is, what is does, and what it doesn’t do (hint: it shouldn’t “tuck the tailbone” or “pull navel to spine”).

This fascinating training centers on the relationship between hip joints, pelvis, sacrum and lumbar spine, and how powerful it can be for you and your students when you re-imagine and refine your relationship to the true core in every pose.

Your students will feel more energy, stability, lightness and strength in every pose, and will release hip, back, and sacrum pain they feel in other people’s classes. This means they’ll fill yours instead!

More Training Details:

  • 10 CECs through Yoga Alliance
  • What Is The Core? A brand new perspective on what the core —and core strength—actually is – and isn’t.
  • Core Anatomy Overview.
  • Spinal Anatomy Overview.
  • Spinal ROM (range of motion) and Core Muscle Activation Blueprint.
  • Flow Classes To Experience Each ROM And Core Cueing For Yourself!
  • New Sequencing Inspiration For Fresh, More Core-Focused Classes.
  • Core Cues To Shift From Older, Less Optimal Core Instructions To The New.
  • A Pose Library —40+ Single Asana Anatomy Breakdowns, Each Also Taught In Real Time From The Core—An Indispensable Resource For Any Yoga Teacher!
  • Specialty Sections: Supplemental Training On Core Movement For: Pregnancy, Restorative, Pilates & Deep Core Myofascial Massage.

Unlock Your Instagram Success: Master the 3-Step Automation Process to Skyrocket Your Growth and Boost Sales. If you’re already posting on Instagram, or are willing to learn – you can do this too!

Grow your Instagram audience and your sales by using a nearly effortless 3-step automated process. 

It seems like every marketing professional on Instagram is already using this technique – because it works like magic – but the wellness community is the last to know. So now your classes are great – let’s get more people to find out about you, your online and in-person offerings and boost your income even more – all automatically.

This one easy 3-step process uses AI automation to take your online sales to a whole new level – without you even having to be there. And if you can write a quick email, you can automate your posts and turn them into consistent income – even while you sleep.

Get on this now, and your Instagram will grow, and so will your Facebook – this easy training will work just as well on both platforms.

More Training Details:

Your Most Engaging Reels Creation Tutorial:
Sadie guides you through creating the most compelling reels that sell – from start to finish!

Instagram Automation Overview Presentation:
A step by step roadmap to instantly attracting a larger audience on Instagram, knowing exactly what to post for best results, and the order in which you should create, post, automate and send your audience where you want them to go.

Instagram (and Facebook) Automation Walkthrough:
A priceless tutorial that shows you every simple step from A-Z to automate your instagram posts. You’ll be able to do it for any post you want after this one training.


Complete the whole training package and receive 75 CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance.

You’ll also get a Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® – Inspired Certificate of Completion and you can use this term in your bio and class descriptions if you want.

Get ready for The Yoga Teacher Success Solution: The only training that fills in all the real-world knowledge gaps from your original Teacher Trainings.

The Yoga Revolution


Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions


As much or as little time as you want to spend. The trainings are self-guided and you have access to it forever. No time limit to complete! You can start incorporating this in your classes right away.


We’ve already trained thousands of yoga and the feedback they get from their students is amazing – we hear about it every single day!


No, but you will gain 75 CE Credits through Yoga Alliance.

You can use all this knowledge and call your self CSV Yoga Inspired if you like.

To become fully certified we offer 200h and 300h teacher track. If you already are trained in another style we have a 100h hybrid training consisting of this 40h training online and a 60h in-person training to get you CSV Yoga Certified.


While these trainings are geared towards yoga teachers you can also take them if you are a dedicated student wanting to dive deeper. Who knows? Maybe this is a first step towards a longer training?


Once you have purchased this training, you gain access to all the information and intellectual property we created. Since we live in an online world where information can easily be shared, you agree that this training is non-refundable except in rare cases, at Yoga For Life’s sole discretion.


You can start and work through your training any time you want.

Kind words from our teacher community

“This online yoga teacher training program is a treasure trove of knowledge. The focus on anatomy and organic movement principles gave me a deeper understanding of yoga, which I can now confidently share with my students. The cueing methods have taken my teaching to a whole new level. Truly transformative”

– Laurel

Taking this online yoga teacher training was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my yoga journey. Learning and understanding more anatomy added a rich layer to my practice, and the way ofcueing through the four foundations have enhanced my teaching exponentially. I’m more confident and effective as a yoga teacher, and my students have noticed the positive changes!”

– Brandy

“I can’t recommend this online yoga teacher training enough! The in-depth exploration of anatomy and movement has transformed the way I approach my practice and teaching. Since starting both to practice and teach from this perspective my classes are more engaging and creative. And my students are thrilled! They keep coming back for more!

– Beth Ann


Here’s what you get:

Meet your teacher:

Hi, I’m Sadie – After a severe spinal injury in my teens, I made it my mission to empower people of all ages and abilities to find their physical and emotional strength, resilience and freedom again.

I’ve toured the world with all the largest yoga and fitness events. I’m fortunate to have a robust online community of over half a million people, and I did it all using the success tools I offer here in these trainings. Thousands of teachers who have taken this program and gained this information are out there right now, enjoying packed classes and financial and lifestyle freedom. I want you to be one of them – living your passions with an abundance of money and free time to do whatever you want.

I’m a lifelong yoga and fitness teacher, and a total anatomy nerd. I’m Harvard – certified in anatomy, Stanford-certified in exercise physiology, the founder of The Somatic Flexibility Technique®, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a joint-safer HIIT + Yoga fitness style.

I currently live in Santa Barbara, California – and proud mom of three kitties, Bowie, Freddie, and Annie!

CSV Yoga® and Yoga Shred® Master Trainers

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Karin Thyr Eriksson


Alyson Head Shot

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